2020 Best back to school laptops

Our run through the perfect school laptop- for primary school, high school and uni. 

16 Jul 2020

No matter whether your child’s in primary, high school or uni, access to a computer is important. And while usually they might have access to a school laptop or computer, social distancing’s made getting your own a bigger deal. So, you might be wondering what laptop to buy for school work. 

Laptops for school children don’t necessarily mean ones designed specifically for kids. Just ones with the right spec and price point to suit them and you. With that in mind, we’ve done a quick round-up of what to look for in a laptop for school. 


Best laptop for primary school students 

What makes a good laptop for school? Focus on is weight and durability. Remember, if this is just a basic laptop for school, power isn’t all that important.  

You’re going to want something light. And it’s got to be able to take a knock every now and then. Kids aren’t exactly known for their carefulness... even if they’re keeping it at home for their homework. So, the best laptop for primary school students is something made from durable materials. Preferably something spill-proof too.  

Let’s not forgot about price too. Good laptops for kids don’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of affordable laptops for kids. 


Microsoft 10” Surface Go 

The Microsoft Surface Go is a 2 in 1 touchscreen laptop. And that’s really what makes it the best laptop for primary school kids. They can let out their arty side, but it’s also a good opportunity for them to practice their handwriting - like a mini portable whiteboard. 

Having a Microsoft Surface for school is ideal too because it’s so portable. It’s seriously light at only 562g. Plus, it has 8 hours battery life- more than enough to last the whole school day. So even though this is a basic laptop, it promises a ton of fun and learning for any kid.  


Best laptop for high school  

For high school students, there’s a bit more focus on extra-curricular activities. It’s not as simple as asking ‘what is the best laptop for school work?’ The best laptops for high school students can keep up with their work and their free time. Browsing on social media, streaming, as well as handling all the different applications they might need. When it comes to good laptops for high school, then, you need a multi-tasker.  

Also, most schools will use software like Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud. They’re important for writing essays, presentations as well as any video or photo editing your child might do. So, a laptop that can help a student get familiar with them is a plus.   

Storage is also important when it comes to what is a good laptop for a high school student. It’s easy to store stuff on the cloud now. And it also makes for more affordable laptops for high school students- since SSD storage is durable but more expensive. 


Asus Flip Chromebook C433TA 14" Intel® Core 

What’s so great about the Asus Chromebook Flip? With most laptops, they’ll start getting slower as more stuff’s installed on them. With a Chromebook that doesn’t happen- its speedy and doesn’t need much maintenance. Open it up during a lesson and it’s ready to go.   

It being a 2 in 1 Chromebook also makes it a great laptop for school work. Of course, you get all the normal functionality of a regular laptop. But you can scribble handwritten notes on it or use it as more of an e-reader to go through online textbooks. 

All in all, this is an affordable Asus laptop that’ll take your teenager through work and play. 


Best laptop for uni students 

Whether it’s Skype or Zoom, video conferencing software is a big deal for studying now. The best laptop for uni is one that makes using them easy- with a good screen and built-in camera. 

And, if you’re looking for the best laptop for university students, it has to be something light. When life does go back to normal, the trek around campus will be back too. And you don’t want to be lugging something heavy around all day. A good laptop for uni should also have a long-lasting battery life.  

Of course, you’ll also want affordable laptops for students. But it’s important to remember this has to last three or even four years, so you want it to be good quality and durable too. 


Apple 13.3" Macbook Air 

Macbook Air for university is a great choice. So, what are the Macbook Air features and benefits? As the name suggests, they’re super light. And that doesn’t come at the expense of battery life either, with a hefty 12 hours.  

While they may not be cheap, a Macbook definitely delivers great value. Apple’s laptops are sleek, powerful and definitely built to last. The new magic keyboard on Macbook Air is a case in point- designed specifically to make typing faster and keys stand the test of time. 

The Retina Display screen also makes it great for streaming shows or doing multimedia projects. Plus, its 256GB of SSD storage give you plenty of room while also keeping loading speeds fast. It’s no wonder why Macbook, for students, is such a popular choice. 

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