3 laptops for fitness lovers – from working out to blogging

Keep up with New Year's fitness resolutions, watch YouTube work-out tutorials or even run your own fitness blog with our pick of the best laptops…

08 Dec 2017

This January, as you decide how to best tackle your New Year's resolution to get fitter, leaner or more toned, a laptop might be furthest from your mind.

However, certain laptops are perfect for staying motivated for your fitness routine, and are designed for touchscreen fitness apps – helping you reach your goals.

More powerful models can even run a mobile studio for aspiring fitness bloggers and YouTubers.


A 2-in-1 is a type of laptop that switches between laptop and tablet modes. They run Windows 10 and get the best from its mix of keyboard and touchscreen controls. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing one for fitness.

  • Design: Where will you use the laptop? Benefit from a bigger screen for at home, or look to smaller, lightweight designs for when you’re on-the-go
  • Screen quality: Fitness videos and photos look better with a high-resolution screen – and it’s a must for creative work
  • Power: Do you have ambitions to run a fitness blog and edit your own photos? Look for a powerful Intel Core i5 processor and at least 8GB RAM
  • Tent mode: When watching fitness videos get a better experience by propping the laptop on the table in tent mode (which looks like an upturned V)
  • SSD storage: Your laptop will boot faster and apps load more efficiently with this lightweight type of hard drive

Learn more about 2-in-1 laptops


Here are our top 3 choices for fitness-friendly laptops, to help you achieve your goals.


1. The Microsoft Surface Pro: for watching fitness videos at home or on the move.

In a nutshell: Sleek and lightweight for easy transportation and a better-than-HD screen for impressive graphics

microsoft surface pro

This Windows 10 Pro laptop is perfect for fitness fanatics watching videos on the move, in the gym or at home. The sleek and versatile design makes it perfect for transporting from home to the office, so you can tune in to the latest fitness videos and tutorials wherever you are.

An excellent HD screen and powerful Intel Core™ i5 processor will also make light work of all your general computing, work and leisure needs.

With the ultra-sleek Microsoft Surface Pro, you can:

  • Enjoy YouTube videos in vivid colour and detail on the Quad HD screen
  • Tilt the screen to 165 degrees on a newly flexible kickstand, for your ultimate comfort
  • Stream, work, or document your fitness journey for 13 hours straight thanks to its prolonged battery life
  • Work quickly, quietly and efficiently with the help of a powerful 7th generation Intel Core™ i5 processor


2. The Microsoft Surface Book 2: for power and portability

In a nutshell: Work out at home or away with this portable laptop – it even has enough power for editing your own fitness videos

microsoft book 2

This portable 13.5-inch laptop is perfect for getting work done or exercising at home or on the go. At just 1.53kg, it’s light enough to take anywhere and slim enough to slip inside your bag. You can also continue researching new work-out tips on your commute, by flipping the screen around to tablet mode.

The powerful and portable Microsoft Surface Book 2 allows you to:

  • Load various apps, videos and programs quickly and simultaneously, due to its powerful SSD storage
  • Edit your own fitness photos or create complicated spreadsheets to complement your routine with the Intel Core™ i5 processor and 8GB RAM.
  • Enjoy rich and detailed workout videos and tutorials on the vivid Quad HD screen.
  • Navigate between videos and document your fitness journey for up to 17 hours before you need to charge


3. Lenovo IdeaPad 320s: for running a fitness blog

In a nutshell: Fitness bloggers will love the Full HD screen and powerful photo and video-editing potential 

Lenovo ideapad

As the name suggests, the Lenovo IdeaPad 320s is an ideal place to bring your ideas to life. This excellent Windows 10 laptop is the perfect companion for the fitness blogger.

If you want to use it on the go, the slim and lightweight design and SSD (256GB) storage makes it a perfect commuting partner - thin, light, fast and quiet.

With the sleek-and-slim Lenovo IdeaPad 320s, you can:

  • Watch and create fitness videos in vivid colour and great detail on a full HD screen. A thin bezel means the screen stretches from edge to edge, so you can work extra closely
  • Bring music and video to life with immersive audio technology and impressive Harman speakers
  • Edit photos in Photoshop and videos in Adobe Premiere with the powerful Intel Pentium® processor, 4GB RAM and powerful SSD drive
  • Simplify your life with the personal assistance of 'Cortana', part of the in-built Windows Home help system.

Find the perfect laptop to help achieve your New Year's fitness goals


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