4 accessories to take your PC gaming to the next level

Everything you need for the ultimate control, comfort and sound experience…

22 Jul 2020


1. Headsets for sublime sound effects

In a nutshell: Stay ahead of the game with crystal clear sound that always has your back

HyperX changed the game for headsets with its Cloud back in 2014. Today’s Cloud Alpha is a worthy successor.

Enjoy marathon gaming sessions in comfort with the snug fit and padded design. Hear every detail with dual chamber technology that separates the bass from mids and highs.

It works with Dolby Atmos to give you ultimate clarity on positional sound in games like Overwatch. Notice the subtle differences in volume in things like enemy footsteps. This is a headset that has truly got your back.

Get the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset in ultra-slick black and red or keep it chic and minimal in all black with the HyperX Cloud Revolver S set.

And for the console gamers out there… the Turtle Beach Stealth 300 has you covered for Xbox and PS4. Go straight from one to the other, if you like – it does have 30 hours of battery life after all.


2. Mechanical mice and custom keyboards

In a nutshell: Be at one with your game thanks to ultra responsive controls at your fingertips

Razer Chroma Keyboard

Want to feel your game with every tap of the mouse and strike of the key? Look to the latest products from PC gaming icon Razer.

‘Mechanical switches’ can be found at the core of its BlackWidow Chroma keyboard and DeathAdder mouse. These switches deliver a more responsive, accurate and satisfying gaming experience. Plus they tend to be more robust and can keep up with you regardless of the game.

This is because each key has an individual switch and metal spring – unlike keyboards with a single sheet of rubber beneath the keys.  

The BlackWidow Elite’s keys are also customisable – so you can change the volume, skip to your favourite bits of videos, or lower the screen brightness, all right from your fingertips.

What’s more, you can impress your friends by letting bursts of colour rip through the room. That’s because the Elite lights up in glowing rainbow colours – you can even sync with other BlackWidow gadgets to light up your whole gaming room.

And if you’re looking to team up with a mouse offering the highest level of accuracy, you need Razer’s DeathAdder Elite Optical Gaming Mouse. It’s uber-responsive – guaranteeing you more killstreaks than ever before.

Get the Razer BlackWidow Elite and the DeathAdder Elite mouse, and start wrecking some n00bs.

Razer DeathAdder mouse



3. Steering wheel for the real-life feel

In a nutshell: Steer yourself into the game and feel the car shake and judder as you grip the wheel

Logitech Driving Force

Fan of Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsports? These iconic motorsports games are great however you play. But to do them proper justice look to Logitech – legends of driving game add-ons.

Your virtual car feels just like the real thing thanks to the Driving Force G920 wheel and gearstick bundle. Put the pedal to the metal, shift through the gears as you pull out of a corner and into the home straight.

When the corners get tight, you’ll feel every judder and shake at the back end as your swing out with force feedback built in to the wheel.

Get the Logitech Driving Force bundle

Logitech PS4


4. Gaming chair for playing with flair

In a nutshell: Comfortable, stable and flexible – get the chair to match your premium gaming rig



You’re focused on your gaming session. Your console or PC is delivering superb graphics at incredibly fast frame rates. Crystal-clear audio booms from your headset. You’re shouting commands down your microphone.

Old office and dining chairs aren’t designed for marathon gaming sessions. What you need is the ADX Race19. A proper gaming chair. For proper gamers.

  • Stable and secure for demanding gaming sessions
  • Comfortably padded and ergonomically shaped
  • Adjustable arms and a backrest that conforms to your shape for maximum comfort

Settle into one of these – the ADX Race19 Gaming Chair


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