4 impressive kitchen gadgets at the Ideal Home Show 2018

At the Ideal Home Show this year, we saw the latest in clever kitchen tech designed to make your life easier…

24 Mar 2018

4 kitchen gadgets at the ideal home show

Tandoor-i Ovens

One of the most unique displays at the Ideal Home Show this year was the world’s first tandoor oven to fit perfectly into the modern domestic kitchen.

Fully integrated and lid-concealable, this gas-powered oven balances traditional cooking practices and modern cooking tech with ease.

Adjustable temperature controls warm-up a pot of heating stones that can cook your skewered meat a lot faster than modern ovens.

tandoor-i ovens

The stones will also burn off any excess fat along the side of the oven, so you can enjoy multiple cooks without having to clean it.

It’s also the first tandoor oven to pass a domestic CE test, so you needn’t fear for your safety when you fire it up.


Vitamix Ascent

Vitamix Ascent

It wouldn’t be the Ideal Home Show without blender behemoths Vitamix. This year they came with their Ascent range – all-encompassing smart blenders packed with the latest processing abilities.

These new models have built-in self-timers so you won’t have to worry about missing the optimum blend. They’ll also detect which container you’re using and adjust to the different ingredients you put in it.

They’re multi-purpose machines – make soup in five minutes or ice cream in 30 seconds.

Once you’re done, the clean-up is an absolute breeze. Either use its self-cleaning function to rid of the leftover muck or simply put the containers in the dishwasher to tackle the stickier stuff.


Virgin Pure Water

Virgin Strauss Water

Virgin have teamed up with Strauss Water to develop a state-of-the-art water dispenser and filter system.

Hook it up to your main water pipe and enjoy instant, energy-efficient, clean water at any temperature you please.

Using UV lighting, the machine removes chlorine and bad bacteria from the water and stops any chance of scale.

Depending on the look of your kitchen, you can also choose between a sleek finish or retro design to suit your style best.


AirCraft PowerGlide


Obviously, you wouldn’t be able to use these impressve appliances for long without creating a little mess. That’s where the AirCraft PowerGlide will come in handy.

The modern replacement for a mop and bucket, it’ll leave your floors shiny and grub-free in a matter of minutes – perfect for when you’re in charge of the cooking at a dinner party.

Press to spray any floor cleaner you wish on any hard floor in your house, and the rotating pads will leave your floor clean – and dry – in two minutes, rather than the twenty-minute wait with a normal mop and bucket.

Its pads are machine washable, so can be used again and again for multiple cleans, and it even comes with an LED light on the front, so you can easily manoeuvre its way through dark corners and crevices.


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