5 amazing things new fridges can do

Imagine if your fridge could suggest recipes. Or organise your day. Well, imagine no longer…

16 Feb 2021

Modern fridges can do a whole lot more than just store our food. Although they do a pretty amazing job of that too! There was a time when we got excited about plumbed water and ice dispensers. But smart fridges have really changed the game.

Now you can use your fridge to organise, to entertain, to control your smart home. Samsung’s Family Hub fridge range is a case in point. So, we’ve shone a light on this nifty piece of tech to show you the top 5 new fridge features…

Supercharge your shop

You never have to have those head-scratching supermarket moments again. Now there are fridges with built-in cameras that connect to your phone. Forgot how much milk you have? Or whether you ended up using that half an avocado? Just have a look on your phone.

Or you can use a smart fridge’s touchscreen to update your shopping list as it comes to you. Then when it comes to the weekly shop, you’ve got all the info you need.


Plan more than your food

Forget sticky notes and scribbled back-of-an-envelope memos.  Some smart fridges now have digital planners to help organise the whole family.

Or you could share shopping lists between family members. So, next time your partner texts saying they’re passing the shop, you can just quickly ping them your list- right from your fridge.


Keep everyone entertained

Let’s face it, being in the kitchen isn’t always fun. So, it would help to have a little light entertainment while you’re waiting for that egg to boil. But we don’t all have the space for a TV or sound system in the kitchen

Plenty of smart fridges now have home entertainment systems built into them. That means you can listen to a podcast or watch the TV from the touchscreen while you cook. Or even follow along with a YouTube recipe video.

This is definitely handy if you have kids too. While very sweet, ‘help’ from little ones isn’t always appreciated. So, stick on Peppa Pig and you can keep one eye on the kids and the other on your cooking.

Just say the word

Kitchens and hands-free control go… well, hand in hand. If your fingers are covered in miscellaneous cooking gloop, you don’t want to be pawing at a touchscreen.

It’s super useful, then, when you can voice control your home with your fridge. Samsung Family hub fridges have both Bixby voice control and SmartThings. What does that mean for you? You can ask your fridge to dim the lights during a dinner party. You could check who’s at the door. Or any other number of options with the right smart tech.


Cut out food waste

We’re all trying to live more sustainably these days. And a big part of that is putting a stop to unnecessary food waste. Not only is it bad for the planet, it’s also not great for your savings.

So how can your fridge help? For a start, some fridges will now help you track expiry dates. There’s no need to dig around to check the labels on everything- you can just have a quick look at which items are about to go off. The fridge will even suggest recipes to use those ingredients up!

Then there’s great features like Samsung’s Twin Cooling Plus. This tech monitors the humidity and temperature in your fridge so that food stays fresh for longer.

Find out more ways to keep your food fresh for longer here.

So, there you have it. Tons of ways to make your kitchen the best it can be. All those features are part of the Samsung Family Hub range.Plus, we've gos some incredible LG American style smart fridge freezers available! 

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