5 features your kitchen can't live without from Bosch

Bosch have been busy innovating in the kitchen to give you all the features you’ve been dreaming of. See what their new range offers you…

23 May 2018


1. AutoClean – less effort scrubbing

Nobody wants to spend their spare time scrubbing the inside of the oven, which is why the clever people at Bosch came up with pyrolytic cleaning – or the slightly easier to pronounce AutoClean.

Simply whack the oven up to a high temperature and any dirt inside will be reduced to ash that can be wiped away with ease once the oven has cooled down.

It also means that no more nasty chemicals from cleaning products have to be washed down the drain – an added bonus for families and environmentalists.

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Bosch HotAir

2. 3D HotAir - cook everything you need at once

The time-old tradition of pre-heating the oven is no more! Bosch’s 3D HotAir tech is perfect for those ‘I’m hungry’ groans, or when you need to make dinner party mains and dessert at the same time.

No matter which shelf you’re using, Bosch’s 3D HotAir feature cooks your food to perfection because the heat is distributed evenly – no more worries about half-raw/half-burnt food, or if your Yorkshire puds need to go on the bottom or top shelf.


3. PowerBoost - boil water in a flash

When you need to boil water, it always seems to take absolutely ages on the hob.

Bosch Induction Hob

Luckily, the Bosch Induction Hob has a PowerBoost function that you can press to heat up 3 times faster than a conventional ceramic hob.

It’s not just for boiling though - you can cook your food faster at the touch of a button, which is great for when you need something quick and easy.

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4. TouchSelect – confident hob control

Tame your induction hob heat and keep things under control with Bosch’s DirectSelect heat settings.

As well as choosing exactly what level of heat you need, you can set a heat timer so the heat turns off exactly when you need – no more boiling over or burnt bits in the pan.

Bosch kitchen

5. Universal Slim Pans – for versatile baking

Bosch’s Universal Slim Pans are split, so you can cook different combinations of food for different lengths of time on the same shelf.

It’s perfect for when you need your main and side dish in the oven at the same time but are running out of shelf space. Or for those times when you and your other half want different things for dinner.

Want to try cooking with Universal Slim Pans? Check out this Bosch Electric Oven


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