5 great reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

Get Windows 10 on a new PC and see what you can get done!

18 Mar 2021

Once upon a time, we just used laptops for word processing on the move. But now they’ve become our go-to machine for everything from creating music to watching movies, and everything in between. With features like smart security and touchscreen, you’ll get the best from Windows 10 when you switch to a new machine.

With PCs like the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, you can switch from a tablet to a desktop PC experience in seconds, all in a laptop style that is incredibly light. We’re expecting our laptops to do it all, and if you have an older machine running an old version of Windows, you’re missing out.

Fortunately, Windows 10 takes what we loved about older versions of Windows and does it all way better. Here are some top reasons why you should make the switch.


1. Smoother and faster

A new system means increased performance.  With Windows 10, memory and disk space are used more efficiently. This is a massive boost to those everyday things like browsing, shopping or watching videos bye -bye buffering!  This also means your computer can handle bigger projects with more intensive apps without lag or crashing.


2. Super secure

Windows 10 is crammed with smart security features. For one thing, Windows Defender Antivirus comes built in, so, you won’t have to do anything to ensure safer surfing. There are also features which you can make use of, like Windows Hello – which means you’ll be able to unlock your screen with face or fingerprint.

Not sure where you’ve left your device? No problem. Find My Device will track it down for you, lock it or even erase information remotely.

Sounds handy? To get these great features, you’ll want a new PC running Windows 10.


3. Access anywhere with OneDrive

Because OneDrive is integrated into Windows 10, it means it’s super simple to access your files from anywhere. Working on a project with someone? OneDrive lets you collaborate in real-time. This is especially handy when you’re on the move or working from home. It also makes upgrading to a new machine very easy – as you can move your files over with safety and ease.


4. Get more done with MS 365

What’s more, OneDrive works with all your fave Office apps like Word, Powerpoint and Excel. This means you can collaborate on presentations or reports, wherever you are, with whoever you like. Then, there’s all the updated features on these Office apps that help you get even more done. Whether that’s editing documents with a stylus in Word, or clever AI features in Powerpoint that help you to create professional presentations.   


5. Make everything more smartphone

Windows 10 has picked up some great features you’d normally only think of finding on smartphones. Windows 10 machines wake up from sleep much faster than old editions of Windows. Plus, it uses apps just like an Android smartphone and you get important notifications with Action Center.

Then, you’ve got Cortana, your AI-based personal assistant that responds to your voice. She’s one way to find files faster, but why stop there? With the right tech you can hook her up to your smart home set up.

There’s nothing wrong with a great mouse, but powerful new PCs can offer an amazing touchscreen experience. This is super useful for creative tasks – like film or photo editing. But it’s also great at the end of the day when you just want to fire up the Netflix app, find what you want to watch, and settle in - all with a few simple taps.


Sound good? Find out more about switching to a new Windows 10 PC.

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