5 reasons a bigger TV is best for watching football and movies

When it comes to watching football and movies on TV then bigger is most certainly better. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a big screen…

19 Mar 2018

5 reasons a bigger TV

1. Quality is better than quantity

The bigger the screen the more you can appreciate its picture quality. Especially if you get a 4K HDR model.

With a 4K HDR TV the picture is near-perfect no matter how close you sit, unlike HD which can be a little fuzzy if you’re too near. Something to consider if your living room is on the cosy side.  

There is plenty of sporting 4K content to choose from – including top-flight football on BT Ultra HD.

If movies are more your thing then opt for a new Ultra HD Blu-ray player – the perfect side-kick to your new 4K HDR screen.

And the best news yet? Prices for HDR models are on the way down. So there’s never been a better time to buy.


2. Enjoy better-than-front-row seats

If you can’t get to the big game or prefer to watch the latest blockbusters from the comfort of your sofa then you’ll love the detail a bigger screen gives you.  

You’ll see everything from the names on the player’s shirts to the perfect curvature of a free-kick. It’s better than sitting pitch side.

Dive into the action

3. Dive into the action

If you like getting up close to the action then you’ll need to go big.

The combination of screen size, excellent picture quality and crystal-clear detail will fully immerse you in whatever you’re watching.

Enjoy movie special effects exactly as the director intended or feel like you’re there at a big stadium match.

Throw a home cinema sound system into the mix and you’ll take your viewing experience to the next level and lose yourself in the intense atmosphere.  


4. The more the merrier

If you like to watch with family and friends then you can’t all huddle around a small screen.

Bigger screens are perfect for those matchday parties – everyone will get to see more of the game and the atmosphere will be electric.

The same goes for movie nights. Everyone can sit back and watch in comfort – preferably with popcorn in hand.

Save space

5. They save space

Yes the screen is bigger – but thanks to new technologies and clever design the rest of it isn’t. So modern TVs often take up less space than older chunkier models.

The bezel – the plastic or metal frame around the screen – is almost non-existent on most new TVs. And they’re slimmer and lighter – making them easier to wall mount and taking up less room in your lounge.


So – how big are you going to go?

Now you know why bigger is better you just need to decide how big you want to go.

As a rule – pick the biggest set you can fit in your space. Which is probably bigger than you think.

For comfortable viewing you’ll want to get the distance and angle right too. Find out how in our handy guide:

Viewing distance guide


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