5 reasons your next TV should be smart

Want the easiest way of watching Netflix and BBC iPlayer on your TV? You should make your next TV smart…

18 Jan 2016

A Smart TV is the same as any other TV, except it can also connect to your home Wi-Fi. So as well as watching regular telly, you can stream Netflix and catch-up TV without the need for any other gadgets.

LG, Samsung, Sony and Panasonic all make Smart TVs. Read on for 5 reasons your next TV should be smart...

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1. Most TVs are now smart

Having a TV that connects to the internet is really important nowadays, as so much of what we watch is streamed online. With this in mind, most new TVs you’ll buy today will be smart.

Across our range of recommended ‘Our Experts Love’ TVs we have TVs that are Full HD and 4K UHD; TVs that have flat screens and curved screens; TVs that range from 32 to 65 inches in size. What they all have in common is that each and every one our 'OEL' TVs are smart.

So, why are most TVs smart now? The way we watch TV has changed. Whether catching up on EastEnders on BBC iPlayer, or binging on movies on Netflix – streaming is everywhere.

LG Smart TVs for instance are really easy to use. You can effortlessly switch from Netflix to TV or Blu-ray as all content sources appear as apps along the bottom of the homescreen. Finding what you want is fast and simple.

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2. Easy streaming of Netflix and BBC iPlayer

You can forget about set-top boxes and streaming sticks. If your TV is smart, everything you need to stream is built-in – provided you have home Wi-Fi.

Once you’re switched on it’s easy to navigate. Most Smart TVs come with Netflix and Amazon Instant Video pre-installed. The BBC iPlayer app is usually included too.

Catch up with last night’s soaps, or Sunday night’s period drama. Enjoy critically-acclaimed Netflix originals like House of Cards, and Amazon’s recent Golden Globe winner Mozart in the Jungle.

Telly addicts will love the full range of catch up TV apps on Samsung Smart TVs. Find BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Demand 5 and ITV Player alongside regular streaming services like Amazon and Netflix.

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3. Enjoy super high quality 4K content when you stream from a 4K TV

If you’ve decided you want to watch TV in better quality then a 4K UHD TV is a great option.

You’ll get the best from these TVs by watching content recorded or mastered in 4K – available from Netflix and Amazon’s streaming services and other sources.

Many of our best new TVs combine this incredibly sharp picture quality with smart features to stream 4K content to your 4K TV.


4. Videos on your phone can be played on your TV

Phones are just as much cameras and camcorders these days, and you can send pictures and videos from your phone to your TV with some Smart TVs.

Sony uses Android TV, so you can make the most of Google Cast. Simply load Netflix on your phone then hit the ‘cast’ button in the app and what you’re watching will appear on your TV.

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5. Turn your TV into a games console

Love gaming? You can stream PlayStation games over the internet directly to your TV. You don’t need an actual PlayStation console. You just need a PlayStation Now subscription, a controller and a compatible Smart TV.  

All Sony Smart TVs have PlayStation Now built-in and so do some Samsung tellies.

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