5 tech tips to host a movie night to remember

Bring the flicks to your home with our advice on the right tech needed for the ultimate home cinema experience.

03 Feb 2021

You can’t beat snuggling up with a good movie on Valentine's Day. You, your other half, a cracking film and a hefty supply of delicious treats – but what if we told you that your romantic movie nights could get even better? That’s right, we’ve got five tips to take your next movie marathon to blockbuster heights.


1. Bring cinema sound home

If you’re forever turning up your volume to recreate that immaculate cinema sound, why not maximise your home entertainment with our incredible range of home cinema systems, sound bars and soundstages? Action aficionados will hear explosions and car chases in undeniable clarity – hold on tight to your popcorn.

After all, sound is such a massive part of the movie-watching experience. Be in control, with an audio solution that suits your TV, and blows your socks off. Pick from models with no sub, a wired subwoofer – or combine the ultimate sound with convenience and introduce a wireless hub into your home.

Home cinema systems and sound bars

Low on space? Soundstages not only deliver impeccable audio but are also nice and compact. They even offer loads of connectivity options so you can link it up to all of your media devices. Outstanding sound quality, across the board!

Check out our range of home cinema systems and sound bars


2. Make your big screen even bigger

Nothing says ‘big screen experience’ quite like a projector. Beam all of your favourite flicks on a bare white wall in your home, and recreate that magical cinematic feeling. Worried a projector may be out of your price range? Plot twist: we have the perfect projector for every budget and need.


Choose models of up to 100-inches from leading brands like Epson, Philips and LG. And these projectors don’t just project; some even offer HD quality, great quality speakers and wireless connectivity.

Take a look at our range of projectors.


3. Stream more amazing content

These days we stream most of our content. If you want to watch digital TV, on-demand TV shows or you just want the convenience of pausing, rewinding and recording up to 600 hours live TV, you need to add a set top box to your home entertainment.

Films are great – but TV is just as good nowadays. Connect your set top box to your TV and get access to the lot – from YouTube and Netflix to Now TV where you can get weekly or monthly passes to Sky Movies and Sports.

Now TV

Most set top boxes offer Series Link – which lets you record an entire series at the touch of a button. You are your partner addicted to the latest bit of reality TV? You’ll never miss an episode of your beloved show ever again. Digital TV really is where it’s at.

Check out our range of media streamers.


4. Perfect lighting for a perfect picture

If you really want to set the mood this Valentine's day, you've got to have the right lighting. With smart lighting you can control it all from your very own smartphone or device. Ideal if you need to pause the film to stock up on snacks.

Using the app, you’ll be able to choose from different colours to suit your mood. You can even schedule your lights to come on and turn off automatically at a chosen time. So, if you’ve scheduled movie night to start at 8pm, that’s exactly when the lights will dim – for that true moving-goers experience. “Shhhh, it’s starting”.

We’ve got smart light products from some of the industry’s leading names, including Hive, Philips and Motorola. So, take a look.


5. Seamless viewing your Virtual Assistant

Say goodbye to that frantic search for the remote, and hello to a virtual assistant. You can enjoy hands-free voice commands mid-film. “Alexa, pause” or “Hey, Google – rewind 20 seconds”. You can even stream effortlessly straight to your TV. Literally, all you need to do is say “Alexa, play episode 4 of Normal People” from the comfort of your sofa, then put your feet up and enjoy the show.

Google Pixel 3

And, if you’ve already got smart lighting set up, you can even control your lights from your voice control assistant. Honestly, these assistants really can do it all.

Check out our top range of voice control assistants.

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