5 things to think about before buying a fridge freezer

Choosing a new fridge-freezer? Ask yourself these 5 questions before you invest…

09 Jul 2018

1. What type and size of fridge freezer do I need?

Whether you’re a growing family or a couple in your first home, you’ll need to consider how much food you need to stock in your fridge freezer.

Do you need – and can you fit – a larger American-style fridge-freezer into your kitchen? These usually measure 90cm+ across. Or will a standard tall fridge-freezer (between 50 and 70cm wide) accommodate your weekly shop?

You’ll need to think about height and what ratio of fridge to freezer you’ll need too.

  • Want to store mainly fresh ingredients? Choose a model with a larger fridge to freezer ratio (70/30 or 60/40 split)
  • Prefer to stock up on freezer goods? Opt for an equal fridge to freezer split (50/50)
  • Need the space but can’t accommodate the width of an American-style? Then look out for taller 2m high models

 Samsung American-Style



2. Do you want to keep food fresher for longer?

Old fridges can sometimes struggle to keep food fresh until the use by date – so you’ll want to make sure you avoid wastage with your new model.

Modern fridge-freezers often include food preservation features that keeps goods fresher for longer - which means less waste or last-minute trips to the supermarket.

With these models you can:

  • Keep fruit and veg fresh with Blue Light technology that mimics the sun’s rays
  • Store fresh foods with twin cooling that keeps the fridge at the optimum level of humidity
  • Ensure fish or meat stays at its best with fresh zones that maintain the perfect temperature
  • Lock in nutrients with Fast Chill settings

Hotpoint Smart SMX 85

Take a look at the Hotpoint Smart SMX 85 – it prolongs the life of your family shop thanks to its super-cool setting.

Beko 60/40 Fridge Freezer

Or how about the Beko CSG1571W 60/40 Fridge-Freezer? Its anti-bacterial door seal stops bacteria from forming and invading the food in your fridge – keeping it fresher for longer.


3. Is it worth going for a frost-free model?

Does the inside of your freezer resemble the Arctic wasteland? All of that compacted ice not only takes up vital freezer space but it prevents your freezer from working efficiently too. And let’s not talk about the hassle involved when the time comes to defrost it.

Opting for a frost-free modern alternative is a no-brainer – it gives you more space and lets you wave goodbye to the chore of defrosting.

They can be slightly more expensive to buy upfront, but that’s offset by the money you’ll save on your energy bills.

Kenwood American-Style



4. Why should I choose an integrated fridge-freezer?

If you hate having appliances on show then an integrated fridge-freezer could be the one for you. Integrated models sit behind cupboard doors so that they seamlessly blend in with the rest of your kitchen for a clutter-free look.

Most are a standard kitchen-cupboard width of 60cm, so they fit most kitchens.

Samsung Integrated Smart Fridge Freezer

Planning your next kitchen and want an integrated model? Then try Samsung’s Integrated Smart Fridge-Freezer. Its internal space is maximised with SpaceMax technology, while a Smart Convertible Zone can be switched from fridge to freezer dependent on where you need most storage.

Buy the Samsung Integrated Smart Fridge Freezer


5. Do I want to save energy and reduce running costs?

Fridge-freezers run 24/7 making them one of most energy-hungry appliances in the home. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider the energy rating – as this will have an effect on the running costs – when you choose your next fridge-freezer.

Fridge freezers are rated between A+ and A+++ and the higher the rating the better. Top models may seem pricier upfront but you actually stand to save on your energy bills over time.

Samsung RB31

For a fridge freezer with an A+++ rating, try the ultra-efficient Samsung RB31. Choose from 7 adjustable speed settings to keep it running at its best – and at only 40dB you’ll barely hear it in your kitchen.


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