5 time-saving washing machines for busy people

Want to cut your laundry time in half? You can with these super speedy washing machines…

29 Aug 2018

Hotpoint ActiveCare hero

Let’s face it, washing machines aren’t the sexiest of kitchen appliances.

Friends may lust after your American fridge freezer or run their fingers over your sparkling granite worktop, but your washing machine? Well, it’s probably hidden in a cupboard or tucked away in the utility room.

But while your friends may not ooh and ahh over your washing machine’s looks, they’ll be secretly envious of its performance. Particularly when you casually mention that the kids’ football kit was sparkling clean in an hour and you haven’t had to use the iron for two weeks.

Give your washing machine pride of place in the kitchen and give yourself more time for the fun things in life.


1. Cut your washing time in half

Samsung QuickDrive

Gone are the days when washing a full load would take hours. The Samsung QuickDrive is designed for people who need their washing done fast.

The unique fabric care drum has a pulsator that helps detergent penetrate deeper into clothing. Your daily laundry can be done in just thirty-nine minutes.

Not only is the QuickDrive powerful, it’s also good for the environment. Samsung’s ecobubble technology uses less energy than A+++ rated machines, saving you money on every wash.

The innovative AddWash door allows you to add clothes or fabric softener while the wash is running – perfect for those socks you dropped on the stairs.


2. From laundry basket to the clothes line in 15 minutes

Bosch Washing Machine

Ever had that moment of dread when you find the top you want to wear this evening right at the bottom of the laundry basket?

With the Bosch Serie 4 machine, your forgotten clothes can be washed in just 15 minutes, giving you plenty of time to dry them before heading out.

Find out more about quick, eco-friendly washing with VarioPerfect

While many Americans are mystified as to why Brits have washing machines in their kitchens, the reality is that in many homes there isn’t an alternative. This is when a quiet washing machine comes into its own.

Bosch’s Ecosilence drive motor uses magnets instead of brushes, making it quieter than the sound of the sea. Say goodbye to your washing machine making rumbling noises when you have friends over for dinner…


3. Get the toughest stains out of your clothes – fast

Hotpoint ActiveCare

Say goodbye to stubborn stains with Hotpoint ActiveCare technology – it’ll eradicate more than 100 stains with an eco-friendly 20°C wash. Perfect for muddy sports kit, ink-stained school uniforms and unexpected coffee spills.

If you’re worried about bacteria build up, the Steam Hygiene option injects steam into the drum at the end of your wash cycle, removing 99.9% of bacteria with no harmful chemicals.

And if your clothes just need a little freshening up, the 20-minute Steam Refresh cycle will leave your garments slightly damp, so you won’t even have to iron them.


4. Ditch the ironing with a steam function

AEG Washing Machine

A survey by Airtasker found that Brits spend an average of 61 minutes a week ironing.

Here’s where your washing machine could make life easier. The AEG Softwater washing machine comes with ProSteam technology which reduces the creases in your fabrics by up to 30%. Which means you could end up ditching the iron altogether, much to the envy of your friends!

Can’t remember which wash programme to use for different loads? AEG’s ProSense technology will automatically adjust the cycle based on the load to use the minimum amount of time, water and energy needed to get it clean.


5. Speed through the washing pile with a family-sized machine

LG 10kg

With a huge 10 kg drum, the LG Smart washing machine will make short work of your washing pile, freeing you up to take the kids to the park or meet your friends for coffee.

The TurboWash cuts the time of a regular wash programme to under an hour, saving you money, energy and time. And with the LG SmartThinQ app, you can control your washing machine from your smartphone, so your clothes will always be freshly washed when you’re ready to hang them out.

Even better, LG designed their state-of-the-art Direct Drive system with durability in mind. It even comes with a ten-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about being left high and dry.

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