5 top sports games on Steam

You can buy and download over 3,500 games from Steam, for PC, Mac and Linux computers. Here’s our pick of the bunch from the sports category…

13 May 2015

1. Football Manager 2015



Football Manager is the most popular football management simulation game out there, and every year a new version comes out with updated squads and leagues.

If you last played the game back in 2005, plenty has changed. It’s not a spreadsheet simulator anymore, with the ability to influence the direction of your season with a well-timed press conference, a quick chat with your star player or a masterful tactical change.

Best bits?

  • Manage clubs from over 50 countries, including lower- and non-league teams from England
  • Set tactics before the game – not just the formation, but individual player roles as well
  • Influence  the match by ordering your team from the sidelines
  • Watch your team play with a 3D match engine

2. Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

Proevo 2015


The Pro Evo series started in 2001 and is the biggest rival to the FIFA games from EA Sports. You’ll see Pro Evo is available for games consoles, too.

Unlike the FIFA series, the game doesn’t have all the rights to use real players, teams or kits – the Premier League and German Bundesliga being notable misses. You soon get used to Man Blue vs North London, though – that’s Manchester City vs Arsenal.

Best bits?

  • Control every player on your team with ultra-realistic gameplay
  • Challenge your friends with multi-player mode or online play
  • Pull off player-specific moves – recreate the tricks that the world’s best players are known for
  • Build your own team with myClub mode

3. WWE 2K15

Wwe 2k 15


The new PC-release of the latest WWE game is almost identical to the PS4 and Xbox One versions. If you’re already a fan, that’ll be good news. The big difference is that fan modification – aka modding – is allowed, giving you the chance to change the game files.

Developers 2K – hence the name – have kept console features like MyCareer and 2K Showcase modes, both hugely popular with players. One added bonus is that the downloadable content that was released after the console releases comes free with the PC version.

Best bits?

  • Enjoy improved gameplay from previous versions of the WWE games
  • Get downloadable content for free including 36 extra characters and 4 new managers
  • Modify game files to create new characters, entrances and scenes

4. NBA 2K15

Nba 2k 15


The NBA 2K series has been nominated for dozens of ‘Game of the Year’ awards in its time. The newest version packs in better graphics and gameplay, plus a soundtrack handpicked by Pharrell.

Get closer to a real-life match with more control over rebounds, steals and blocks. You can now recreate team-specific plays as well, from the LeBron-inspired Cleveland Cavaliers to the 3-point kings of the San Antonio Spurs.

  • Get ultra-realistic gameplay with 5,000 new animations and improved AI
  • Move up the ranks as an individual player in the MyCAREER mode
  • Hear great commentary from Shaq as part of a broadcast-style presentation

5. Assetto Corsa



The PC-exclusive Assetto Corsa is an ultra-realistic racing video game that was developed through Steam’s Early Access programme. During the programme, thousands of people gave their feedback and helped developers improve every aspect of the game.

Now, the full version includes a career mode, online multiplayer and free practice. You can also race supercars and grand tourers, as well as classic F1 cars like the Ferrari 312T from the late 1970s.

  • Drive iconic racing cars from Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ferrari and McLaren
  • Race on worldwide circuits including Silverstone, Monza and Nurburgring
  • Improve your car’s performance with advanced car setup management and in-game telemetry 


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