6 must-have multiplayer games

Because fun multiplayers are a fun multiplier!

10 May 2020

Multiplayer games are a great way to spend time with your friends and family while doing what you love – playing games! And you don’t need to have an amazing PC rig either.

You can play multiplayer on everything from a handheld console in the same room to VR headsets on different sides of the planet. Whether you love sports or brain games (or a bit of both), what’s important is enjoying the game together.

And here are some great games for a kick off…


Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

(Nintendo Switch)

Join Nintendo and Sega’s iconic characters for 40 different events – from surfing and the 100-metre dash to horse riding. Compete against each other or rack up points in the same team as you go for gold.

And how you play is up to you. Go against three family members in the same room. Or go online and play with seven people. Either way, it’s a blast.

Track and field events like this used to be a matter of button bashing and sore thumbs. But this game sees you using the Switch’s Joy-Con in a different way for each event – so each activity has its own skill.

Although how a hedgehog rides a horse is anyone’s guess…



(Switch, PS4, Xbox One etc)

EA’s ever-popular football game is still going strong – thanks to great graphics, huge leagues and the fact that it’s amazing fun. Sit next to a friend and compete in a cup final or take a lowly lower league team to Champions League glory. You can compete, cooperate or join the huge online competition devoted to the FIFA series.

Get good enough and you can even turn e-sports pro. But for the rest of us, it’s just great fun to put a goal past your mate.


Just Dance 2020

(Multiple platforms)

Thought that video games were about sitting down for hours at a stretch? Think again! Dance to your favourite tracks with or against 120 million players worldwide. Or take on people in the same room.

The great thing about this latest version of the dance series is that you can even keep fit with your family thanks to Sweat mode. It’ll tell you how many calories you’ve burned and by how many points you’re losing to Auntie Vera on the Macarena.

just dance

Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training

(Nintendo Switch)

Instead of just tiring out your thumbs, why not give your brain a workout too? Take part and get smart on the Nintendo Switch. From maths challenges, picture quizzes and word games, there’s nothing like outsmarting a loved one!

The Joy-Con makes it fun to compete against each other. And you’ll even get a Brain Age score at the end of it.


Quiz Up

(Free mobile app)

Take on friends on the same sofa or on different continents on the Quiz Up app. There’s a quiz for pretty much any subject you can think of – from Game of Thrones to Spanish words.

It’s great for a bit of friendly rivalry or a fastest finger first showdown. And because it’s an app, you can play it on any screen – from your mobile to your big screen TV.


Rocket League

(Multiple platforms)

There are two types of people in the world. One lot think that driving futuristic cars around a stadium trying to knock a massive football into an over-sized goal is a silly idea. Other people think it’s a brilliant fun. And you’re in the second lot, get this game.

One really nice feature about Rocket League is that it uses split screen gaming. So, while you can still play massive tournaments online, you also have the option to compete or cooperate with three other players on the same couch.

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