6 reasons why Adidas RPT-01 headphones are your best workout buddy

Beat your personal best…

09 Oct 2019

Whether you’re hitting the gym or looking to pound some pavement, having your ultimate workout playlist with you can be the difference between giving up and going strong. We’ve found on-ear headphones that will go with you every step of the way.


1. No more tangle

Ever tried using wired headphones while using a machine at the gym or out running? You’ll know how easy it is to get into a tangle. That’s why ADIDAS RPT-01 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are made with exercise in mind.

Bluetooth connectivity means you can ditch those wires, while that flexible fit with 360-degree swivel will mean that your headphones stay on and stay comfortable – no matter how long your run for.


2. Sweat and water resistant

We all know that if you stay clean and dry while exercising, you’re not really trying. So why would you risk your brand-new headphones? Fortunately, these are water resistant – IPX4 water resistance for the techies out there.

So, you can work up a sweat in the gym or run in the rain without worrying. Their knitted ear cushions are removable and washable too, so your headphones will stay as fresh as your playlist.


3. Marathon battery life

Whether you’re planning a few crunches or an epic spin class session, there’s no need to worry about the battery. Because they can keep going for 40 hours, you’ll need to recharge long before your headphones do.

And there’s no need to wait around all day for your headphones to charge. With USC-C fast charging, you’ll get a full battery in just 3 hours. Then you can hit the running track. Or just put your headphones on and lie on the sofa. We won’t judge.


4. No compromise on sound

While the RPT-01 headphones are built for your work out, expect nothing but top-quality audio. With pumping bass, crisp treble and options to customise your listening experience, it’s like your favourite artists are joining you at the gym.


5. Leave that phone alone

When you’re working out, the last thing you want to do is start fiddling with your phone. No sweat. You can answer a call or skip a song thanks to the microphone and earcup controls.

Pair your favourite Spotify playlist with the Action button and it’ll be good to go as soon as you put your headphones on.


6. Play your way

Adidas’ RPT-01 headphones are made to fit around you, which is why they come with their own app. Download Adidas’ Headphones app on Android or iOS and you can customise your headphones’ features the way you want them.

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