6 things we love about the Panasonic TMAX10 speaker

Feel the music anywhere with this powerful party speaker system.

29 Oct 2019

The new Panasonic TMAX10 is a powerful and versatile speaker that’ll take your parties to the next level. Here are six good reasons to make it part of your next big night in.


1. Powerful sound

Get ready to feel the bass rock your body, because with Airquake Bass on board, you can physically feel the music playing on your TMAX10. Panasonic’s unique audio technology does an amazing job of pushing out some serious low-end slam at an impressive volume with zero loss of clarity. It’s all about that bass!


2. Light up the night

A great party needs a light show that sets the mood, and that’s exactly what the TMAX10 does. Blue illumination around the speaker’s edges syncs perfectly with whatever you’re playing, giving you a party vibe that lasts long into the night.


3. Take the party with you

The TMAX10 is a powerful speaker that packs a mighty punch, but that doesn’t make it big and heavy - quite the opposite, in fact. It’s compact and portable, with built-in handles that let you take it anywhere without breaking a sweat. Don’t worry too much if you can’t find a handy plug socket – just slot in a compatible power bank to get the party started.


4. Anyone for karaoke?

Karaoke makes every party better. Okay, maybe not every party, but it’s hard to resist the call of the mic – and the TMAX10 comes complete with not one but two microphone jacks for unforgettable duets with family and friends. It also includes a few special features to improve your performance and make singing easier, including key control and an echo function that’ll wow even the most demanding audiences.


5. Turn up your TV

It turns out that the TMAX10 isn’t just the perfect party speaker. It can make your favourite TV shows, blockbuster movies and boxset binges sound incredible too. The speaker’s optical input terminals let you quickly and easily connect it to a TV, and enjoy amazing sound quality that’ll make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.


6. Phone it in

Download the Max Juke app onto your smartphone, and you can control the party action from anywhere – even the dancefloor if you can’t help getting down to your own amazing playlist. You can connect up to three smartphones at once, so if you’re happy to share DJing duties with your mates. now’s the time.

Check out the Panasonic TMAX10 party speaker - remember, it’s a Currys exclusive - you can’t get it anywhere else.

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