7 top ways to play Nintendo Switch

Bored of playing Mario the same old way? Switch!

10 Sep 2020

Despite having only been around a few years, Nintendo Switch is one of the biggest selling games consoles of all time. And with games to match the home consoles (think Zelda and Witcher 3) the Switch has established itself as much more than a simple handheld games system. Sorry Game Boy.

But what makes the Switch stand out from the crowd is how versatile it really is. Most handheld consoles follow the same formula as any games controller. D-pad on the left, buttons on the right, screen in the middle. It's a classic format. But the Switch gets clever with it – meaning there’s loads of different ways to play. It’s not called the Switch for nothing!

Have you tried them all?


1. Portable mode

This is what the Nintendo Switch was built for! Your Joycon controllers are in place left and right of your screen, which makes it a brilliant console for playing on the move. You get movement on the left, action buttons on the right, plus shoulder buttons up top. Anyone who owned a PS Vita or Game Gear (takes us back!) will feel super comfortable with this set up.

Perfect for: Strategic button punchers like Cuphead


2. Single Joycon

Slide the two Joycons off the side of the machine and you’ve got two independent controllers to allow two player games. Great for family games nights!

Perfect for: Multiplayer mash ups like Mario Kart

3. Separated Joycon

Take off both Joycons and use them together with games that require more activity than a traditional controller. Remember Wii games controllers? It’s a similar set up. With one Joycon in each hand you can punch, shoot or bowl your way to victory!

Perfect for: Arm flailing fun like Just Dance 2020


4. Joycon Grip

So, we’ve shown you how to use your Nintendo Switch Joycon controllers in a way that other games machines can’t replicate. But what if you want to have a single player sesh where you’re using a real games controller and docking up your screen to a TV for that home console experience? That’s where the Joycon Grip comes in. You simply slide each controller either side of a middle module and it turns into something like a comfortable conventional controller.

Perfect for: Single player RPGs like Zelda


5. Pro controller

And while the Joycon Grip dips its toes into being a full console controller, you can ditch the Joycons altogether and go all out with a Pro controller. Shaped much like the familiar Xbox/ Playstation controllers, it’s a great option if you’re mainly using your Switch at home so aren’t looking for the lightweight Joycon option.

Perfect for: Long sessions on the likes of Witcher 3


6. Voice chat during online sessions

Online play is something that the Switch is great for. Your gaming headset will fit straight into your Switch with a good old fashioned 3.5mm jack. But what if you’re going Bluetooth? Easy. Just pair up your headphones with your phone via Nintendo’s Smartchat app and you can chat away to your bezzies.

Perfect for: Online co-op games like Fortnite


7. Play for longer with a kickstand

Holding your Switch for long sessions might start get a bit draining on your hands. And on the battery. That’s why it’s good to invest in a charging dock which doubles as a stand. The Venom Nintendo Switch Power Adapter is a good call.

Perfect for: Gaming on the train!


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