8 ways the right laptop is the ultimate life hack

Struggling to stay organised? Our fashion-mag-thin laptops multitask like an A-lister’s PA…

01 Jun 2017

Modern life is non-stop. Work, friends, family, eating, shopping, working out, walking the dog, doing the school run. 

Have we forgotten anything? Probably…

No wonder we feel schedule fatigue. Laugh in the face of your hectic lifestyle with a class of 2017 laptop.


1. Bring a little zen to your sofa office

Working from home is great. You get to crunch numbers while crunching granola and dial into important calls in your pyjamas.

But when your sofa is your desk it soon gets messy; your clunky laptop surrounded by post it notes, reports scattered on the coffee table and “to do” lists scribbled down on notepads. No wonder it’s hard to stay on top of work.

Did you know? Go from laptop to tablet with a 2 in 1. Use the keyboard for typing and the touchscreen for scrolling through apps while you take notes in OneNote.

If you’re drowning in gadgets and tangled up in wires, then upgrade to a laptop that has everything you need in one simple device.

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Credit: Hannah Anastasi


2. Learn yoga without cringing      

Always fancied yoga but don’t have the time? Or mortified by looking silly in a class full of serious yogi? 

Transform your sitting room into a studio with YouTube’s biggest yoga star. Grazia magazine favourite, Yoga with Adriene makes it simple. Some 200 million people subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Did you know? The Lenovo Yoga flexes instantly from laptop to a tablet so you can simply prop it up in tent-mode, find a tutorial and roll out your mat. – get the Lenovo Yoga 510

Lenovo Yoga

3. Tame your overgrown calendar and jobs list

Your calendar is an untamed beast. There are efforts at organisation – a colour coding system long outgrown – but with girls’ nights, work meetings, birthdays, shopping dates and gym classes, it’s difficult to keep up with it all.

If only there was some way to bring order to it… Cortana is here to help.

Did you know? Sync your Windows 10 laptop to your phone so your calendar follows you everywhere. You can even add new appointments or reminders with your voice – simply say ‘buy gig tickets next week.’ 

Heck, you can even use your laptop to find your lost cat!

Credit: Elena Maykhrych


4. Plot perfect interiors with Pinterest

Forget having magazines sprawled across your sofa. Planning your perfect home interior is easy with the Surface Book 2 in 1 laptop.

Build Pinterest mood boards of colour schemes and units that have inspired you. With Surface Book in tablet mode and your finger hovering over the Pin It button, the Pinterest app is a cinch to use.

Did you know? You can scribble notes over webpages with Surface Pen and share with family as PDFs to get feedback – get Surface Book

Surface Book

5. Go flat-out over a flat white

It’s Monday morning and the office is full of weekend gossip. But you need to get work done.

Sneak off to your favourite coffee shop to work instead. With a flat white in hand and a lightweight 2 in 1 laptop like the Surface Book, you can find a quiet corner and go flat out on your Excel spreadsheet or big presentation.

Did you know? Need to collaborate? As you make changes to a doc, your colleagues in the office will seem them in real time with Office 365. Pretty cool huh?


6. Give password problems the finger

It happens to us all. You get to the coffee shop (or the meeting with a client) and the password you’ve known for months totally disappears from your mind.

With the latest Windows laptops you can give password problems the finger – literally.

Did you know? Windows Hello works with select Windows 10 devices to recognise your face, iris or fingerprint.


7. Make like an art school hipster

Love reading style magazines? Inspired by fashion designers and style bloggers on Instagram? Perhaps you’re wanting to step up from iPhone photography? It’s easier than ever to get creative. 

Sketch out doodles with the Surface Book in tablet mode. Sit it on your lap like a regular sketchpad and get to work with the Surface Pen, which plays really nicely with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

You don’t need loads of resources to get crafty, either. Gone are the days of tearing out pages from magazines and step by step guides – find YouTube tutorials, blogs and Pinterest board inspiration all from your laptop.Vera Mearker

Credit: Vera Maerker


8. Enjoy Netflix binges in bed

Missing the latest Netflix Originals cos you’re too tired to stay up? Put yourself front and centre of the water cooler chat about 13 Reasons Why by taking the boxsets to bed.

Did you know? The Lenovo Yoga laptop can be stood like a tent on your bedside table – hunker down and get your Netflix on.

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