9 preparation tips to add to your summer BBQ checklist

Warmer weather means outdoor entertaining is back. We’ve got 9 tips to ensure your garden is good to go for the big summer BBQ…

12 May 2022

If you're lucky enough to have a garden, now's the perfect time to make the most of it. So whether it's your family or housemates, we've got some garden and top tech ideas to make your outdoor space ready for a belting barbie.


1. Sort the entertainment

Plan your playlist to suit the mood – maybe a mix of summer classics and current favourites. Water-resistant wireless speakers make it simple to move the party to the garden and extra long battery life means that you're free of the plug. You can also let your mates pair up their phones so everybody gets their fave music in the mix. Just remember to be considerate of your neighbours!

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2. Plan for the weather

You never know with the British weather, so think about whether you'll need some shade or shelter. Dig out that garden parasol, or, if you've got the space, a gazebo. If you're going to use the house if it starts pouring, make sure you have some emergency chairs on standby.


3. Plan your food

There's so much choice when deciding on a menu – from a good old fashioned BBQ to a Middle Eastern mezze. Also think about washing up. Are you going for paper plates or will your dishwasher be able to cope? Fortunately there are nifty kitchen appliances to help you pull off a winning spread without the slog.

Check out 10 kitchen essentials for effortless entertaining.


4. Get your lawn in shape

Give your garden an instant lift by giving it a mow and trimming the edges. Use a mower with a collection bag to avoid mess. Make it easy by using a power motor, and choose one that’s the right size for your lawn.

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5. Spruce up your patio

Moss and grime can make patios and decking look tired. Avoid spending the sunny days scrubbing with a pressure washer that can do the work for you. Move furniture and pots, sweep to remove debris, and shift stubborn dirt easily with the washer. We've got some great tips to show you how to get your outside areas clean.

Get a pressure washer.


6. Add a splash of colour with plants

If you love outdoor entertaining, plant some night-scented flowers like phlox, honeysuckle and jasmine. A few herbs near where you put the barbecue can help add some last-minute flavour; they can even be added to your cocktails for a tasty twist.


7. Give your outdoor furniture a clean

Even if your tables, chairs and sun-loungers have been stored in the shed over the winter, it's probably a good idea to check them over. Clean them far enough in advance so they have the chance to dry off.


8. Take a look at your hedges and fencing

If you've got dogs or small children, check there are no escape routes. Mend fences and paint them if they need brightening up. Check if your hedges need a trim, as they could turn your garden into a jungle.

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9. Check outdoor lighting

You'll want some mood lighting, but make sure any fairy lights are suitable for outdoor use and candles are safe. If you need new garden lighting, consider a dual-purpose light that gives you the illumination for entertaining but can also act as a security tool - perfect if you plan to go away later in the year anyway.

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With just a little thought, your garden will provide the perfect Instagrammable background for that perfect summer afternoon or evening with friends and family.

Get your garden summer-ready with us

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