Addicted to bass? Check out the best home audio systems at Currys!

Here we take a look at three of our favourite sound system offerings from three market leading brands; Sonos, Bose and Beats by Dre. Turn up the stereo!

30 Mar 2014

The wireless hi-fi sound system market is, quite literally, booming and whatever your music listening habits, Currys' selection of portable audio and wireless speaker systems is sure to have a home audio sound to suit your needs.

Here we take a look at three of our favourite sound system offerings from three market leading brands; Sonos, Bose and Beats by Dre. Turn up the stereo!


Sonos Speakers

SONOS PLAY: 3 Wireless Hi-fi

Sonos has been the leading name for wireless multi-room audio equipment ever since wirelessly streaming music began, and the Sonos PLAY:3 Wireless HiFi is one of its most popular models, making it a great choice for music aficionados.

This system allows you to play your entire music library on any of the speakers you set up in different rooms - or all at the same time for a truly powerful, dynamic sound.  The playback potential is also a real stand out, due to the variety of sources at your disposal.  You get access to sixteen devices including iTunes, Internet radio streaming, various playlists and a whole host of other music services. What's more, it's cheaper than other models in the Sonos series, but still packs the same great functionality as those with a bigger price tag.

The price reduction does have one obvious consequence; the speaker is smaller than previous models. If you're after something small and compact that is easily moveable, this could be the one to go for.  You can even turn it on its side to park it on a shelf.

The system also boasts full Android compatibility, allowing you to play music from your Android smartphone or tablet. Sonos have recently released a free upgrade, which is available on both new and already purchased systems, allowing up to 32 people to add music to a playlist in any room using their iPhone, making it great for getting the party started.

Perfect forAudio aficionados, party playlists, shared listening.


Bose Soundlink

BOSE SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker

If you thought things couldn't get any more lightweight and compact then the Sonos PLAY 3: Wireless HiFi then you'd be wrong.  The BOSE SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Wireless Portable Speaker, available in the Curry's Bose range, weighs in at a diminutive 688 grams, but succeeds in delivering some of the highest-quality sound possible from a device this size, thanks to its two 34mm Full Range Drivers providing deep bass, rich mids and soaring highs.

It sounds great and is also really simple to connect to other devices.  Sync via Bluetooth to transmit any audio straight to the speaker.  Everything from tablets and smartphones to PCs and laptops are compatible with this device and can be plugged in to get the full Bose sound treatment, making the SoundLink Mini a great option for listening to music on the move.  What's more, with up to 7 hours of battery life you can listen to music all day without having to recharge - perfect if you're travelling.

Aside from having all of these great features 'under the bonnet', the system looks amazing too.  With its premium anodised aluminium casing it is not only incredibly stylish, but also protects from the inevitable everyday wear and tear from taking the unit out and about.  It also comes with a skid-proof base that keeps it secure, whether it's located at home or elsewhere.  The controls, located on the top and all rubberised, are really simple to use and intuitive. You simply won't be disappointed if you decide to take home this great bit of audio kit.

Perfect for: Style lovers, those short of space, music on the go



Beats Pill

BEATS BY DR DRE Pill Portable Wireless Speaker

The main focus of Beats by Dre audio systems is the bass. It's got to be big, it's got to be deep and it's got to be 'bassy'.  If you're into your bass-heavy music then this could be the portable sound system speaker for you.

What differentiates the stylish Beats Pill from similar offerings is Beats by Dre's ability to deliver the stunning performance of crisp clarity and booming bass within such a compact unit.  Weighing in at 1.18kg's it's not the lightest system out there (see the Bose SoundLink Mini above for that) but for the depth of sound it delivers you'll understand why the extra weight is necessary.

Select the audio from your Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 30 feet away, giving you the freedom to choose your music from afar.   What's more, if your smartphone or tablet features NFC paring, all you have to do is touch the devices together for instant connectivity - perfect for sharing music with friends at a party. Another cool feature is its Bluetooth capacity and internal microphone, which is ideal for hands-free communication on the phone - making talking easier and clearer. 

Aside, from all of its distinctive features, the Pill Portable has a very distinctive look too.  Shaped like a pill (obviously!) its cylindrical form stands out from the crowd.  It's also not too heavy to carry around, but not light enough for the sound to be tinny.

Perfect for:  Bass addicts, sharing music, unique style

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