All about the Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch is back – and it’s better than ever...

21 Sep 2018

Alongside its announcements for the very exciting iPhone XS and XS Max – both of which are now available to buy – and the iPhone XR – available next month – Apple has unveiled the brand-new Apple Watch Series 4.

It’s fair to say that the Apple Watch Series 4 truly breaks the mould, with some incredible new features and technology so smart that you can barely believe it’s possible. And without exaggeration, we can say that this watch is a potential lifesaver. Let’s take a closer look at the awesome new Apple Watch…


Striking looks

The first thing you’ll notice about the new Apple Watch is just how slim and attractive it looks. It’s slightly thinner than before, with a new black ceramic build which looks very stylish.

It’s got an edge-to-edge display with a screen that’s over 30% larger, and because there’s more screen, that means you get to see more of the new watch faces which are, in a word, mesmerising. The new watch faces include fire and water, and the detail on them is very special – like where the little droplets of water edge onto the hands.


Keep an eye on your health

Apple Watch is now essentially a doctor on your wrist – and it’s always on call. Let us explain. Apple has added a whole load of health and safety features to the Apple Watch Series 4. It automatically calls the emergency services when it detects you’ve had a fall. It warns you about low and irregular heartbeats.

And perhaps most impressively of all, there’s a built in ECG (electrical heart sensor) which tracks your heartbeat. It’s seriously innovative stuff – within 30 seconds your watch can give you an ECG reading.


Your own personal coach

Tracking your workouts just got easier. You can track indoor and outdoor workouts like running and cycling, and even high-intensity interval training with accurate and detailed metrics. And because it’s safe to use in the pool, you can track your lengths easily, and without worrying about your watch getting damaged.

Whatever matters most to you during your workout – easy access to music or a particular fitness app – you can customise the interface of your Apple Watch so everything is right there when you need it.


Long lasting

You’d think with all these improvements, the battery wouldn’t last so long. Well, actually, the Apple Series 4 has the same 18 hour battery life as before, with outdoor workout time extended to six hours. So, you can train for that marathon, knowing you’ll go far without your battery running low.

So, there you have it. The incredible Apple Watch Series 4, which we think is an absolute game-changer. And it’s available to buy right now over at Currys PC World.

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