All about the new LG NanoCell 4K LED TV range

Enjoy stunning picture quality and incredibly rich colours on LG’s most advanced 4K LED TVs yet.

30 May 2019

LG’s stunning new NanoCell 4K TVs have arrived. These premium 4K LED TVs are jam-packed with features that’ll take your home entertainment to the next level. We’re talking more vibrant colours, jaw-dropping visuals and wider viewing angles – all made possible by the wonders of NanoCell technology. Prepare to be impressed.


So, what is NanoCell?

NanoCell is the latest screen technology from LG, designed to give you colours that are richer and more accurate than any other TV.

Nanoparticles filter out dull and impure colours from your picture to create accurate and vivid colours. They also absorb unwanted light, so all the same colours can be seen at much wider viewing angles.

That means no more fighting for the best seat in the room to watch TV because everyone gets the same great view. Basically, LG NanoCell 4K TVs make your home feel like a cinema. So sit back, tuck into some fresh popcorn, and enjoy the show.

LG NanoCell TV

Here’s what the new LG NanoCell 4K TV range has to offer in a nutshell…


Key features:

  • NanoCell technology for richer colours and wider viewing angles
  • 2nd Gen α7 Processor for stunning motion on-screen
  • Dolby Atmos surround sound
  • Voice control to navigate your TV and smart home
  • Includes catch-up TV and 4K streaming


Incredible picture quality with NanoCell

The headline feature is, of course, that 4K NanoCell display. You’ll experience rich colours and deep blacks in incredible quality, making your favourite movies and TV shows even more enjoyable.

And for that full-on blockbuster experience, the range supports all three versions of HDR – HDR10, Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma.

HDR stands for high dynamic range, and it’s the tech that improves two of the most important areas of picture quality – contrast and colour accuracy. That means you’ll see loads more detail in the shadows, even in the darkest Game of Thrones battles. And the bold colours of your favourite superhero movie will look absolutely epic.

There’s also a hugely impressive 2nd-generation Alpha 7 processor hard at work behind the scenes. It carefully analyses every image, then fine-tunes the sound and picture quality to give you the best possible viewing experience for what you’re watching.

LG NanoCell TV

Sound you can feel with Dolby Atmos

For a proper home cinema experience, you need amazing sound, and the LG NanoCell 4K TV range really delivers. With Dolby Atmos pumping out 3D surround sound you'll feel right in the middle of the action. You'll hear (and even feel) the rumble of explosions, and the dialogue is so clear you’ll almost feel like you’re listening in on real-life conversations.


Easy voice control

Tired of endless scrolling with your remote control? Then speak into the LG Magic Remote and ask for the channel or TV show you want to watch.

Google Assistant is also on board, built into the TV itself. Ask it any question you can think of (very handy when you want to put a name to the face of a lead actor) or use it as a voice-controlled smart home hub – you’ll be able to dim the lights, adjust the heating and control all your other connected smart home products from the comfort of your sofa.


Bundles of content

There's always something to watch on an LG Smart TV. You’ve got an almost limitless world of entertainment for all the family, and you can stream your favourites from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and lots more. You'll never run out of content to enjoy.

LG NanoCell SM90

Image from LG

Take your pick

We’ve got a fantastic range of LG NanoCell 4K TVs for you to choose from, in screen sizes ranging from 49-inches to 65-inches.

Go large and get the 65-inch LG NanoCell SM90 4K LED TV

Go medium and get the 55-inch LG NanoCell SM90 4K LED TV

Or if you've got a smaller living room, get the 49-inch LG NanoCell SM90 4K LED TV


Take a look at the full LG NanoCell TV range

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