All about the new Samsung QLED TV range

The new Samsung QLED TVs are real gamechangers.

11 Apr 2019

Prepare to be amazed. The latest QLED 8K TVs from Samsung offer four times the resolution of 4K Ultra HD and a massive 16 times that of Full HD TVs, allowing you to sit closer to the action without seeing the pixels and making every seat the best in the house (yes, even the awkward chair no-one wants to sit on).

And along with their 8K brothers, the 4K QLEDs also give you exceptional viewing in all conditions. Thanks to their amazing brightness levels and the ability to control these so well, you can see brilliant whites and deep and detailed blacks.

With the anti-reflective layer on the QLED TVs, you won’t see any halos of lamps in the screen or window outlines, just the picture as the director intended it to be seen. The precise, pin-sharp contrast across the whole screen, deeper blacks and eye-popping colour makes every moment of the movie feel even more dramatic and captivating. You have to see it for yourself to truly understand the impact.


Samsung QLED TV adaptive audio


One Near-Invisible Cable

We all hate the mess of wires that are just soooo difficult to hide! Not anymore. With one Near-Invisible Cable that carries both power and content to your TV, you no longer have all the connections and devices plugged into the back of the TV. Instead they go into the One Connect Box, which can be hidden away in a cupboard and then the Near-Invisible cable carries the content from the One Connect Box to the screen.

With the One Connect Box you are no longer bound to place the TV where the plug socket or aerial input is. Effortlessly mount your QLED TV flush against your wall using the No Gap Wall Mount, and plug all your multimedia devices into the One Connect Box, which can be shut away in a cupboard, leaving you with a stylish, minimalistic living space to enjoy.


Samsung One Remote


One Remote Control

The days of multiple remotes all lined up is well and truly over. One remote is all you need to take control of everything. Multitask with ease, and remove the clutter. Oh, and it looks good as well, with a smart, sleek premium finish.


The TV truly becomes part of the room

In most houses the TV is off more than it’s on, and a dull blank screen doesn’t look all that good with the rest of the room. With QLED, the TV naturally becomes part of the room. You can even mirror the content on your phone or tablet onto your TV – from photos to movies and more.


Samsung QLED TV becomes part of the room


It doesn’t end there - you can apply a filter over your photos and turn them into watercolours, oil paintings or line drawings. Or if you want it to blend in with the décor of the room, you can take a photo of the room, and the QLED will create a new display based on the colour scheme and pattern of your room (even if you’re rocking a rather fetching electric pink look).

Finally – and this really took our breath away – you can take a picture of the wall, and the QLED will automatically generate a matching wall to display on the screen. How cool is that?


Smart TV sorted

How great would it be to have all your favourite TV all in one place? With a Samsung TV, it's reality. They're the only TV manufacturer with all the apps you need like Apple TV, BT Sport and NOW TV without the need to plug in additional boxes or streaming sticks.

And you also get access to the largest collection of 4K content including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Rakuten TV, and all the catch up apps you expect, all in one place at the touch of a button . Whatever you fancy - shows, films or sport - you can find it on demand. 

It works with Google Home, Alexa, Bixby, and it's Apple Airplay compatible. 


Samsung QLED 8K (Q950R)


Samsung QLED 8K


OK, so we don’t want to go over the top or anything, but this may just be one of the best TVs we have ever seen. We all know how stunning 4K picture quality is, with four times the number of pixels you get on an HD TV. Well, 8K pushes things into an almost unbelievable place – with a ridiculous four times the resolution of 4K.

The depth, the detail, the all-round picture perfection will leave you wanting more – and that’s before we’ve even got started on the over a billion shades of colour (we didn’t know there could be so many).

There’s a clever Quantum Processor on board, which powers Adaptive Audio, the thing that automatically adapts to your surroundings to give you the very best sound.

And if you want to get to your favourite content faster, just use your voice – through voice assistant on one remote.


Samsung QLED Q90R

Samsung Q90R QLED TV

It’s 4K, so you know it’s going to be good before you even get started. The contrast and colour is off the scale, and you’ll be pleased to know that the TV will adapt to deliver the best picture in any light. Even if what you’re watching wasn’t filmed in 4K, you can still enjoy it in 4K thanks to AI upscaling technology.

And as with the Q950R, there’s AI sound onboard – analysing each scene to deliver the best audio experience.


Samsung QLED Q67R

Samsung Q67 QLED TV

We think the best movies look even better when the colour is richer, and that’s what you get with the Q67R. Blacks are darker too for truly moody dramatic moments, and again, the range of colours is mind-blowing.

With a wide-viewing angle, everyone gets a great view (even if you have to sit in that seat in the corner that nobody wants to be stuck with). And with Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby, it’ll crack on with your favourite shows in an instant.


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