All the ways Google Home Hub could transform your day

Here’s how Google’s connected smart assistant could help make your day run smoother than ever. 

11 Aug 2019

Unleash your inner Iron Man with Google’s latest smart assistant. With simple voice control technology, you can organise your calendar, change the colour of the lights, stick Netflix on and order that pizza without lifting a finger. 


Start your day with Voice Activation 

Not a morning person? Don’t despair – Google Home Hub has you covered. From dragging you out of that peaceful sleep, to sorting your morning routine. It only takes a few short phrases to get the day rolling. 

"Hey Google, what does my day look like?" 

"Ok Google, do I need an umbrella?" 

"Hey Google, what's the traffic like on the way to work?" 

Did you know? Google’s EQ light sensor automatically adjusts to match the room you’re in. So nothing gets in the way of you and your beauty sleep. 


Blitz your work with Google Assistant 

Working from home? With your trusty office assistant you’ll be guaranteed to hit your deadlines. Google Assistant responds to your voice, so you’re always one question away from everything you could ever need. 

"Hey Google, call Work." 

“Hey Google, what’s Amazon’s stock price?” 

“Ok, Google, how long till holiday? 

Did you know? Google has two built-in microphones, so it can hear you even when you’re across the room. 


Cook up a storm with that 7” Screen 

It’s time to get your chef on. That dinner party showstopper won’t cook itself. Get Google to read you the recipe, or stick up a YouTube tutorial on your 7-inch smart display. You’ll be Masterchef material in no time…  

"Hey Google, how do you make chicken tagine?" 

“Hey Google, add tomato puree to the shopping list.” 

“Ok Google, does La Tasca do takeaway?”  

Did you know? The Google Home Hub automatically syncs with Google Photos, so you can view your favourite moments on a personal highlights reel. 


Connect up to 10,000+ devices to get the party started 

Start the party with over 10,000 connected devices. From those Phillips Hue Lights to your Sony Smart Speakers, it only takes a quick “Hey Google” to get that evening vibe rolling. 

Now you’ll have more time to practice those dance moves…  

“Hey Google, dim the living room lights.” 

“Hey Google, play my After Dark playlist.” 

“Hey Google, who’s at the door?” 

Did you know? Google is compatible with over 1,000 popular brands including Nest, Yale and LG, so you can connect everything from your TV and speaker systems, to your home security system and thermostat. Who you calling lazy?!  


Sleep tight with Google’s Night Mode  

It’s been a long day of (ahem…) thinking for yourself. You’re well and truly ready for a good night’s sleep. Lucky for you, Google can sort everything with just one command. Simply wish your Home Hub good night and Google will dim the lights, set the locks and turn down the thermostat ready for an easy sleep. Just say: 

“Ok Google, good night.” 

… and you’ll have nothing left to worry about till tomorrow.  

Did you know? The Google Hub home screen lets you see and control all your connected devices. So you can do everything from turning off the TV to adjusting the thermostat without leaving your bed. 


Check out the Google Nest Hub

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