Android TV fitness apps we love!

Stuck for a workout? Your Android TV has loads of inspirational apps, from yoga to spinning. Here are some of the best.

28 May 2020



We all love sitting down in front of our favourite show. With so many box sets to binge, no one could blame you for taking the weight off after a busy day.

But smart TVs are for far more than just watching. Your TV can be the centre of your smart home set up – so through your TV you can turn the AC on or answer the door. The possibilities are pretty exciting!

And since we can’t currently hit the gym, your Sony Android TV also offers great ways to get fit – from workout to warm down. Because you can get Google Play on Sony Android TV, you have access to all kinds of amazing fitness apps. And the picture quality on a Sony screen helps you master each move.

Where to start? Why not try these…

1. Work out apps

Getting in a balanced workout is a great way to hit every major muscle group. But writing out a list of exercise to do on your own? Not exactly inspiring. That’s where workout apps come in.

Download an app onto your Sony Android TV and it’s like having a personal trainer in your front room. All with the added bonus of not worrying about your dated gym look!

Any suggestions?

Peloton is a great workout app – covering everything from strength training to cycling. Plus, you can join other people across in live workout sessions. All without leaving your front room!

And you’ll have loads of other apps on Sony Android TV offering workout classes and lessons – like Body 365 Workout and Gymondo.

2. Yoga apps

Yoga is amazing for building strength and suppleness but, unless you’re a yoga master, solo sessions are a difficult thing to do. Can you remember your cat cow from your downward dog? And are you even doing the moves properly? That’s where having an instructor is so important.

The other big plus for yoga is the mindfulness it encourages. It’s not about stretching, it’s also about breathing some calm into your day.

Download a great yoga app and it’s as good as being there in person. Even better, no one can see you sweat and strain!

Any suggestions?

Keep Yoga or Simply Yoga have lessons for all levels – and there are lessons suited for different times in the day and what you want to get from your session. Just grab a mat and join in!

3. Kids’ fitness

Don’t forget about the little ones. It’s great to get kids into healthy habits early and a yoga session will also burn off some of that endless energy! Yoga is a great discipline for children to get into. It improves their strength and flexibility – which will really help them with other sports and activities

And yoga is also great for their relaxation and concentration – skills they can put to use in the classroom. But more than that – it’s fun and they’ll get a huge buzz from getting better as they stick with it.

Any suggestions?

Cosmic Yoga makes yoga fun. It also comes packed with games and activities to keep your little ones busy.


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