Apple Watch: everything you need to know

The Apple Watch has landed – but how much do you know about it? Read on to learn more about the main features of the new smartwatch.

14 Sep 2014

The Apple Watch has landed - but how much do you know about it?

Read on to learn more about the main features of the new smartwatch.


The Apple Watch is Apple's first wearable device and its first major new product line since the iPad.

It syncs wirelessly to your iPhone so you can view messages, emails and call up information on your wrist. You can also access your favourite apps and monitor everyday health and fitness.

Of course, you can also use it to tell the time and plan out your day.

Apple calls the smartwatch its 'most personal device ever'.

The Digital Crown

Apple -Watch -Dial

  (Credit: Apple) 

The headline feature of the Apple Watch is the Digital Crown. Apple has compared it to major innovations such as the iPod Click Wheel.

Traditional watches feature a crown for winding and setting the time. Apple's Digital Crown brings the feature into the digital age.

Turn or press the scroll wheel to find your way around the watch with no fingertips getting in the way of the screen.

3 things you can do with the Digital Crown:

  1. Push it to return to the home screen
  2. Twist it to precisely zoom in and out - when looking at a map, for example
  3. Scroll through menus, apps and messages



Friends and Digital Touch

Apple -Watch -Sensors


 (Credit: Apple)

Want your friends and family at close reach? Push the button below the Digital Crown and the details of people you are regularly in contact with will pop up.

You can call or send them a regular message with a simple tap.

But with Digital Touch button you can also send fun, offbeat tokens to friends: tap the screen to send a vibration to their wrist, sketch them a picture or even send them the rhythm from your heart rate monitor.


Messages and notifications

When you receive a text message, an email or a call on your iPhone, your watch will let you know with a gentle, vibrating alert.

But it's not just about messages: the Apple Watch will also update you when your next meeting or appointment is due. Catch up on your recent notifications by scrolling down.

The Taptic Engine is the sophisticated technology delivering these updates, it will:

  • tap you on the wrist whenever you receive an alert or notification
  • subtly alter the tap for different types of interaction, thanks to nuanced haptics

Siri voice activation

Apple Watch makes things simple. You can send a text message or email with nothing more than your voice.

Tell the watch to 'Text a contact' and speak your message - Siri will type it out.

Also stay on top of your day by simply asking the watch for the next item in your schedule.

Waking up Apple Watch and information at a glance

Simply lift your wrist and Apple Watch will come to life. You can then swipe down the screen with your fingertip for snippets of latest info on the important things in your life.

These summaries are called Glances, and include:

  • the next appointment in your calendar
  • where you are at that moment on a map
  • the latest weather information 
  • controls for the music playing on your iPhone
  • your messages and notifications

These snippets are taken from your apps. You can scroll through them as they are or press the screen to go to the full app.


Apple -Watch -designs

  (Credit: Apple) 

The watch sports the chic, cool, classy design that has become synonymous with Apple products.

 The firm says 'there's an Apple Watch for everyone'.

It's designed to be worn all day, every day, and it can be tailored to suit your style and personality.

The watch's face is rectangular, but smaller and more rounded than many other smartwatches. It comes in two sizes: 38mm or 42mm.

The Apple Watch comes in three collections:

Apple Watch. Chic and businesslike, the watch is fashioned from highly polished stainless steel. Strap options include a range of leather and metal straps.

Apple Watch Sport. Rugged and sporty, the watch is made from lightweight anodised aluminum and the rubber strap is available in different colours.

Apple Watch Edition. Stylish and decadent, the watch is cased in 18-carat gold in yellow or rose and the display is covered with polished sapphire crystal.

Fitness features

Apple Watch Fitness

  (Credit: Apple) 

Apple Watch is designed to measure all kinds of physical movement and help you to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

It can work out how many calories you've burned, how many steps you've taken and how much distance you've covered within a certain time period.

It can even measure your heart rate thanks to the infrared sensors on the back of the watch face.

In order to stay motivated, you can use Apple's accompanying fitness apps.

The Apps are called Activity and Workout. Activity monitors everyday health, such as daily exercise and time spent standing. The Workout app lets you monitor runs and bike rides. Set goals to and benefit from motivational reminders mid-workout.


User interface and apps

Apple's square, uniform icons have been replaced here by circular apps that can be easily rearranged, making the home screen look a bit like a bubble chart.

These newly designed apps have been designed just for the Apple Watch. They can be grouped together so similar apps nestle against one another.



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