Apple's new battery case keeps your phone charged...

Find your iPhone is always running out of juice? Apple is here to help with a clever, cool-looking charging case.

16 Dec 2015

Battery cases – clever cases that charge your phone while it’s in your pocket – have been on the market for a while. Now Apple has added a much cooler dimension with its sleek new iPhone charging case, giving you that extra battery oomph when your phone is out of juice.   

Most modern smartphones have plenty of battery life (the iPhone 6s lasts up to 14 hours of talk time) but older models can drain quickly, especially when you’re running lots of apps or chatting away on the phone. And we all forget to charge our phones from time to time.

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Meet the Smart Battery Case

This is one good-looking battery case. Don’t get us wrong – it’s not of iMac beauty, but for a battery charger it’s pretty slinky. The Smart Battery Case works with Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6s – and is more slimline than many other battery cases.

What does it look like?
It looks like Apple’s official silicone case for the iPhone 6s. But a section at the back is raised slightly to house the battery.

It’s comfortable to hold thanks to its silicone design. The outside of the case is soft to touch, but tough enough to keep your phone safe.

On the inside, your iPhone remains safe from scratches with the soft microfibre cloth lining. Sliding your phone into the case is easy too thanks to its soft hinge design. 

What are its coolest features?

  • You can charge your phone and the Smart Battery Case at the same time thanks to its Lightning port
  • You can enjoy up to 25 hours talk time and up to 18 hours internet use if you charge the phone and case at the same time
  • When the battery case is on, you can see how much power it has left on your phone’s lock screen

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