Back to Uni? Add a Chromebook to your reading list

Need a laptop that can keep up with you at Uni? Google Chromebooks are fast and always up to date…

24 Jun 2018

Getting started

One of the best things about Chromebooks is that they boot up super fast. And when you first set up your machine you don’t need to spend hours configuring and waiting for things to load - just log in with your Google account and you’re good to go.

A Chromebook starts fast and stays fast, so it’ll see you through uni from your first week as a fresher to when you graduate.

Plus, it’s a multi-tasking ninja. You can download your course reading material, listen to a Spotify playlist, check Facebook and chat to your mates on Skype – all at the same time.

Why not try…

Acer Chromebook 14

The Acer 14 Chromebook. It’s ideal for computing on-the-go. It has a 12-hour battery life for working away from your room and 32GB of offline storage, and you’ll also get two USB ports and a HDMI connector for your TV, so you can catch up with your favourite Netflix shows in between studying.

Whatever you’re streaming, downloading or sharing, it’ll be done at top speed with AC Wi-Fi.


Store everything in the cloud

Once you’re logged into your Google account your Chromebook will sync to your Android phone and tablet - helping you access your stuff on any of those devices, wherever you are. Make notes on your phone while you’re on the bus to lectures, then turn these into an essay when you get back to your laptop.

Built-in apps give you the best of Google that you’re probably already familiar with: Gmail, Maps, Docs and Sheets.

Google Pixelbook

Unlike normal laptops, a Chromebook stores all your files and photos in the cloud. That means it’s impossible to lose invaluable work and photos if your laptop is stolen or broken.

There’s tons of space up in the cloud, so don’t worry about running out of storage or spending hours backing up your files.


Stay protected with automatic updates

You know those irritating updates that interrupt you every couple of months? A Chromebook doesn’t have them. A Chromebook automatically updates itself, so it always has the latest virus protection, as well as apps and features.

By continually updating, adding protection and removing older, useless features, your Chromebook will never slow down.

Why not try…Chromebook R 13

The Acer Chromebook R 13 2-in-1. Can’t choose between a laptop and tablet? Get both with this awesome portable hybrid.

Its 360-degree hinge means you can take notes in tablet mode and then prop your Chromebook up in tent mode to watch Netflix with your mates. The 13.3-inch Full HD IPS display offers vivid colour and wide angles, perfect for bringing boxsets to life and taking your mind off exams.

There’s also a 12-hour battery life and AC Wi-Fi compatibility for super-smooth streaming and speedy downloading.



What else?

  • Chromebooks are lightweight and slim, easy to carry between the library, lectures and halls
  • You won’t need to take a power pack, the battery can last all day
  • Access millions of apps through the Play store – whatever you need, there’s an app for it
  • Save money by using Google versions of paid apps – like Google Keep instead of Evernote
  • Say ‘OK Google’ for your own personal assistant, whether ordering fancy dress costumes online or playing some soothing music after a heavy night (studying, of course)


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