Be your most productive wherever you go with the LG Gram

The LG Gram is the ultimate mix of portable and powerful. See how it can achieve the best results no matter where you take it…

20 Dec 2018

If you need a lightweight laptop that’ll perform on speed and storage wherever you take it, look no further than the LG Gram Z980. It’s an ultra-slim laptop that will save you space, but won’t need a huge set of accessories to get your tasks done either.

So, what aren’t you sacrificing for the space?

LG GRam faster performance



The Intel 8th generation i7 processor and 16GB RAM gives you 40% more speed than dual core. That means your laptop will boot up in less than ten seconds!

On top of its brain power, it boasts ThunderboltTM 3, an evolutionary port that is capable of transferring data eight times faster than USB 3.0. It’s faster than fast, and will be able to keep up no matter how much multitasking you need to do.

LG Gram battery life


Battery life

No matter how well it performs, it could all be overshadowed if you have to rely mostly on the laptop charger. Slim laptops can be design victims of underwhelming battery power because of their size, but LG have made a breakthrough by increasing the battery power by 20% from 60Wh to 72Wh.

As well as this, they’ve also improved the charging speed. It only takes 3 hours to get to 100%, and with 22.5 hours of use, you can be confident your laptop will last all day, without the need for clumsy chargers.

LG Gram lightweight



It might defeat the purpose of having a laptop if it’s not light and portable. But even if the computer itself is small, all the extra wires and accessories means you end up carrying that extra weight anyway.

You won’t get this with the LG Gram Z980. It features an ultra-slim bezel around the IPS screen, which contributes to the dazzling picture quality with minimal distraction. With a 13 inch display, less than a kilogram in weight and at a mere 1.6cm thick, all you’ll need is to pick a nice pouch to carry it around in.

LG Gram survive the commute


Most importantly, will it survive the commute?

You might be thinking that thinner and lighter makes your laptop easier to damage. But the LG Gram Z980 is protected by nano carbon fibre - it’s practically a shield against an array of attacks from nature and your daily routines.

Thin and light enough to hold with just two fingers, while still being strong enough to pass the seven categories of the Military Standard tests (MIL-STD-810G) with ease, it’s sturdy enough to be used by the US military forces!

Put it through stress conditions like pressure impact, exposure to high and low temperatures, sand/dust exposure, low pressure or random vibration, and it’ll still work a dream. So, no more wear and tear by train rattle, rush hour battle or other unexpected conditions you might encounter.


No longer do you have to navigate the day wondering if your laptop will last long enough or if you’ll have access to a power socket. The powerful, slim and sturdy LG gram will have you setting off for meetings with the confidence that your laptop is all you need, for as long as you need it.

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