Beat unpredictable British weather with the Dyson AM05 – a fan to keep you cool in the heat and warm in the cold

Stay warm, keep cool!

18 Jun 2013

Summer has finally landed, with folk basking in what was widely expected to be the hottest day of the year on Wednesday. But the same week has also seen weather experts discuss our seriously cold spring and recent washout summers.

What does that tell us? British weather is a frustratingly cruel mistress - quite literally blowing hot, then cold. It therefore demands a fan that can do the same.

Enter the Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool - a fan heater which provides long-range heat projection in winter and uses powerful airflow and velocity to keep you cool in summer. Oh, and because it's bladeless you can keep the temperature just so without having to worry about fast-spinning blades or hot metal grilles.

Dyson Fan General

It's also designed to keep the bills down and give you ultimate control with a nifty thermostat feature.

But this is Dyson, so where there's substance there's also plenty of style - particularly for those opting for the slinky black option exclusive to Currys.

The Dyson AM05 - keeping us cool on hottest day of the year

Temperatures were expected to reach as high as 27C this week as we bunked off work early, took the kids to the park and held sticky ice cream hands.

But boy was it hot in the office before we escaped.

Picture the scene: the office is hot and humid; you're sweating your way through a laborious afternoon made even worse by the radio DJ's incessant playing of Nelly's Hot In Here and Mungo Jerry's In The Summertime.

Your colleague throws a smug grin your way as he turns the dial on his conventional desk fan to max.

Then you whip out the Dyson and totally floor him - your desk taking on the feel of a Mediterranean balcony with a cool, early evening breeze playing through your suddenly well-cut hair.

Dyson is famed for its iconic design and engineering, and tech hipsters pay it lip service in a similar way to Apple. The AM05 is no exception, with its futuristic curved design and powerful airflow velocity likely to see your no-longer-smug colleague sheepishly pack up his fan and shuffle off for a strategically timed coffee break.  

The AM05 is cool in every sense of the word and will keep you nice and chilled while all around you melt like 99s with a flake.

Yes, your workmates may suffer a case of the green-eyed monster - but you can rent the fan out to them for brews and vending machine snacks. Also, you won't be stinking of sweat.

Great, but what about the science bit?

How does it work? You may well be asking. Well, unlike a conventional fan, the AM05 is bladeless and sucks in air surrounding it before using it to keep you cool or warm.

Dyson says its Air Multiplier Technology draws in air and amplifies it up to 18 times. It does this using a combination of technologies used in turbochargers and jet engines - bringing a little bit of James Bond to your office or front room.

Dyson Hot And Cool2

Keep cool about energy bills as well as the heat

Such a combination of technology and style will likely breed jealousy. But if someone snitches that you're using the office's electricity, you can always point to the Dyson's energy efficiency as the perfect retort.

It uses less energy than conventional heaters and coolers, and boasts a thermostat which switches itself off when the temperature you set has been reached.

As much as we try, we cannot control the weather. However, control freaks will find plenty to love with the Dyson - it allows you to adjust your temperature to the exact degree.

Keep warm in winter

With the recent weather, winter is finally starting to seem a distant memory. But we all know how grim this country gets when the inevitable snow and sludge arrives on our doorstep and the country grinds to an embarrassing yet inevitable standstill.

Getting out of bed into the freezing dark is hard, heading out to work in it even tougher. But if you have the Dyson in your room you can at least warm yourself up before stepping into the Arctic-like tundra of the bus stop at 6:30am in November.

There's even a handy remote control so you can set it off and enjoy a cheeky five minutes more in bed without climbing from your pit. And if you throw a rolled-up sock at your alarm clock and it instead knocks over the heater, it'll automatically switch itself off.

While you're laid procrastinating and avoiding getting out of bed you may get around to wondering how the Dyson fan heater keeps you both warm and cool. Well, the cool air is heated up as it passes two heated ceramic plates hidden inside the hoop.

Dyson Hot And Cold Heat

If your impression of portable heating is scarred by the smell emitting from those tiny fan heaters of our childhood bedrooms, Dyson has sorted that too. For no matter how high you set the temperature that sickly smell of burning dust should never enter your airspace.

Don't be fooled by the Dyson's diminutive size either; it throws heat with enough reach to keep the entire room toasty warm.  

Dyson creates a fan for all seasons

As we said earlier the Dyson is a fan for all seasons - earning its keep from the depths of winter to the peak of summer, summer, summer-time.

The Dyson AM05 - redefining the world of personal heaters and coolers and making you look downright cool to your colleagues and family in the process.

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