Best gaming gadgets for all the family

Keep the games going and the fun flowing in your home this Christmas with our favourite family gaming tech.

25 Oct 2018

Oculus Go

Picture the scene: Boxing Day is in full flow. Nan is back on the Buck’s Fizz. The kids have played so hard they have to take an afternoon nap. You’ve watched over six hours of Christmas films. Looks like it’s finally time… for the family board game.

But wait. Who says it has to be a boardgame? Technology has never been better! So say goodbye to gathering up game pieces and spending hours setting up. Here’s how to entertain the whole family with just the push of a button…


Cardboard cut-outs – with an AI twist

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

Okay, we lied. It’s not just the push of the button. At least, not if you’ve included this incredible innovation on your Christmas wish list: introducing the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit.

But how is a pile of cardboard an innovation? Well, just wait ‘til you see what this big bundle of crafty cut-outs can do!

  • Tempt your inner inventor out – build, construct and create your own toys, from robots to pianos
  • Connect the objects up to your Nintendo Switch and watch as your cardboard creations come to life on screen
  • Mum and Dad can get involved to help younger builders thanks to step-by-step guides
  • No scissors, glue or Sellotape required – everything you need is right there in the box!

Get the whole family involved with the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, which comes with 28 cardboard cut-outs ready to go (requires a Nintendo Switch console).


Get back to the days of beeps and boops

Pssh… Kids these days, with their fully-3D rendered environments, augmented reality and real-time online chat. They’ll never know the simple pleasure of watching pixelated characters jumping and shooting lasers at each other across the screen.

Nintendo Clasic Mini SNES

Then again, perhaps they will… That is, if you introduce them to the magic of classic Nintendo this Christmas, with the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES.

Why they’ll love it:

  • 21 classic games built in, including Super Mario World and Final Fantasy III – there’s a retro delight for everyone in here!
  • Two controllers, so everyone gets a turn
  • Lightweight, retro design – exactly like the SNES you had back in the day
  • All-new Rewind feature, so you can go back up to five minutes and try again


Sony PlayStation Classic

Love retro gaming, but more of a PlayStation household? Then make sure you put the Sony PlayStation Classic on your Christmas list this year.

Whether you’re more a Crash Bandicoot or Lara Croft fan, the PlayStation Classic will take you right back to the nineties.

Some of its best features:

  • 20 games pre-loaded, including all the fan favourites like Ridge Racer, Tekken 3 and Final Fantasy VII
  • Two controllers for heated multiplayer melees
  • Fits anywhere – it’s 45% smaller than the original but still looks every inch as cool
  • Virtual memory card means no panicking over lost progress


Immerse yourself in top VR tech

Oculus Go

If your little ones are begging Santa for an Oculus Go VR headset this year, here’s a top tip: wait till they fall asleep from having too much fun, then slip the headset on yourself.

Why? Because next thing you know, you’ll find yourself in another world – ideal if you fancy taking a break from the gruelling reality of cooking Christmas dinner and keeping the in-laws entertained – and you won’t even need to get off the couch.

Some of its best bits:

  • A stand-alone headset, so you don’t need any other devices to use it
  • It has over 1000 games and apps to enjoy on the Oculus store – so it’s guaranteed to deliver hours and hours of fun
  • Built-in surround sound audio helps to immerse you in whatever universe you’re transported to
  • Crystal clear lenses make things seem so realistic you could reach out and touch them
  • Lightweight and comfortable design means even the littlest family members can give it a go

You can also hook it up to Netflix and have the family exploring their favourite shows in a whole new way.

Check out out amazing VR.


Ultra-high-powered Christmas gaming to keep everyone on their toes

Xbox One X

When it comes to quality video gaming, the Xbox One X is up there with the heavy hitters.

With ultra-HD and HDR visuals, built-in Wi-Fi to keep things running smoothly and oodles of memory to store progress, this gift will provide tons of family fun at Christmas and beyond.

Some of its best bits:

  • Puts the players at the heart of the action with immersive 4K visuals, HDR and Spatial Audio
  • Ultra-powerful processing means zero lag and maximum performance
  • Vapour Chamber keeps the engine cool, so you don’t need to worry about overheating – no matter how intense your sessions get
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds included, so you can jump right in to the ultimate multiplayer adventure
  • Find friends and rivals to play with from around the world via Xbox Live servers


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