Best video editing software for creating vlogs

Do you want to start vlogging? Here's our guide to choosing the right video editing software to help make you an internet sensation…

26 Jul 2016

Whether you’re looking to be the next YouTube star or just want a way to share videos of your passion online, Vlogging is a great way to build a following and get noticed.

A vlogging camera and laptop with editing software are the key tools you’ll need to create your own videos and upload them to YouTube.

Once you’ve filmed your video, editing it will give it a professional look to make your channel stand out from the crowd. But which video software should you go for? Follow our guide…


How to edit a vlog

Start by importing the footage from your camera onto the video editing software on your laptop. You can do this using the camera’s memory card or connecting it with a cable, depending on your laptop. 

Choose the clips you want to use, then drag and drop to arrange them in the order you want on the video timeline. Don’t just go in blind though, have an idea of how you want your video to look before you start editing. Fine tune your video by cutting down the footage to make it snappy – so it holds your viewers’ attention. Take out any breaths, pauses or stumbling over words if you’re talking to the camera. 

Tip: Keep transitions between clips simple and avoid going overboard with effects – as these can be distracting. You’ll notice most YouTubers just use straight cuts on their videos.

Background music can inject some life into your video. Edit the sound levels so it’s not louder than your voice if you’re speaking on camera. Remember you can’t use copyrighted music on YouTube – so choose from the library that comes with your editing software, or access YouTube’s free audio library. 

Want to learn more about video editing? There are loads of tutorials on YouTube to help you get started.


Best video editing software for vlogs

Many vloggers use Adobe Premiere to edit their videos. It’s seen as the industry-leading software for video editing. The clean, intuitive interface means it’s really easy to learn. Set it up with customised keyboard shortcuts to make it faster to use.

With support for the majority of formats, importing your video should be a breeze – whether you’re uploading from your camera or using footage you’ve recorded on your smartphone while out and about.

Position your clips on the timeline to build your video, and use the easy-to-use trimming tool for precision control over your cuts. Bring out the best in your footage with the colour correction tool that lets you work directly in the timeline. For crisp, clear audio, perfect your soundtrack with the built-in mixer.

You can get the latest version of Premiere as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud package, and access Adobe's entire collection of creative apps for Mac, PC, smartphone and tablet. With it you can:

  • Edit videos in Premiere, build your website with Muse and create and edit images in Photoshop – with 29 desktop and 10 mobile apps to choose from
  • Create and share videos on the go thanks to Adobe CreativeSync, which lets you access your files on any device
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest features by downloading upgrades as soon as they become available
  • Improve your skills and learn new ones with Adobe’s huge library of tutorials


What laptop should I use for video editing?

Your laptop is like a portable studio for editing videos at home, in your local coffee shop or even on the go. But Adobe is pretty heavy-duty software, so you’ll want a powerful model that can handle it.

The Lenovo YOGA 510 is a good bet. It has a Core i7 processor for running demanding creative software with ease.

With 8GM RAM and 256 GB SSD storage to reduce load times – it won’t slow you down. Struck by inspiration? It boots quickly so you can go from switching on to editing your video in seconds.

Use the rotating screen to alternate between laptop and tablet mode. Access all your shortcuts on the keyboard while you’re editing – then flip it back to turn it into a touchscreen tablet and watch your films back on the Full HD screen.

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