BlackBerry PlayBook the yuppies’ plaything

The PlayBook’s powerhouse processor and email and calendar have eased the Perrier water-sipping yuppies into the tablet age

19 Dec 2012

Del Boy Trotter fancied himself as a yuppie in Only Fools and Horses with his oversized Gordon Gekko raincoat, trusty Filofax and range of French phrases more Citroen manual than Sauvignon Blanc.



But while the nation laughed at David Jason's portrayal of a market trader who thought a pair of red braces were an instant passport into the upper echelons of yuppiedom, the real thing was busy making the kind of readies that'd see them cushty for life.

The Pet Shop Boys song that summed up the times went 'you've got the brains I've got the looks (let's make lots of money)' - and young upwardly mobile professionals, or yuppies, certainly did. Working in banking or stocks and shares, yuppies soared to the top of their industries drunk on power and Bellini cocktails. But what did they do with all that power and influence? Well in the words of the cigar-puffing, pina colada-swilling Trotter brother - they spent it.

As Del told Rodney, these people were the crème de la menthe of our society, and they demanded the best: Designer suits, flash cars and Docklands apartments were among their purchases of choice. But what they really loved were mobile phones, computers and other gadgets. Del Boy complemented his red braces with a breeze block of a phone, but if those episodes of Only Fools and Horses were made now, there's only gadget he'd be seen with - a BlackBerry PlayBook.

Yuppies fell head-over-briefcase for BlackBerry phones when they launched thanks to snappy design, email access and QWERTY keyboards. As slick as a designer suit, they soon become the favourite accessory of bolshy young things closing deals for iron ore or sugar beet, as well as Del Boys down the market flogging fire-damaged smoke alarms and ex-army Russian video cameras.

So, perhaps it's not surprising the PlayBook's powerhouse processor and email and calendar have eased the Perrier water-sipping yuppies and sheepskin wearing traders into the tablet age. Whether down the market or in the boardroom, business folk will tell you time is money. The seven-inch tablet's email, contacts and calendar capabilities mean you're never more than a screen swipe away from that deal-closing number. The contacts app provides direct access to everyone from Mickey Pearce to Gordon Gekko, while some friendly banter on sales targets can be enjoyed via Facebook or Twitter from the same app.

In January new work diaries are clean, tidy and smug, but as the months roll by they descend into a chaotic mess of doodles, crossed-out appointments and manic scribbles that bear a closer resemblance to one of Del Boy's half-eaten fry-ups. Kiss goodbye to such chaos with the PlayBook calendar, which keeps things clean, simple and free of ketchup-flecked egg yoke. Everyone from City high fliers to market stall buyers will be able to plan their days and weeks with absolute Bain Marie - Del Boy's lingo for 'no problem'.

Yuppies love buzz words as much as Del Trotter loves French lingo, and connectivity is a serious buzz word of the day. Family is important round Nelson Mandela House, and connectivity is all about family, with more and more of us remaining faithful to one tech brand because their gadgets work in harmony with one another. On this note, the PlayBook can be synched with your BlackBerry phone, so if a whole deal hangs on a contract you can type using the QWERTY keyboard on your phone before accessing on your tablet using the BlackBerry Bridge app.

The PlayBook's functions and styling provide a starter kit for ambitious young yuppies chomping at the bit for the world of braces and briefcases - all in a 10mm package that measures much thinner than Del Boy's trusty Filofax.
And what better way to unwind after a hard day at the office than using the tablet to watch iconic YouTube clips of Del Boy falling through the bar again and again and again?

C'est magnifique - we think so.

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