Bond turns 50 and goes retro with 007 Legends

Whether it’s Daniel Craig emerging from the waves in ‘those shorts’ or Ursula Andress doing the same in ‘that bikini’, we all have our favourite Bond moment.

09 Oct 2012

Whether it's Daniel Craig emerging from the waves in 'those shorts' or Ursula Andress doing the same in 'that bikini', we all have our favourite Bond moment.


Undoubtedly a fully paid-up member of the national treasure club, James Bond has captivated women and annoyed blokes for what seems like forever thanks to an endless stream of gripping storylines, exotic locations and terrifying but flawed villains who somehow fail to realise just how tough our dinner-jacketed hero is. And that's before we've mentioned his dazzling array of kick-ass gadgets such as jet packs, laser watches and exploding pens.

It's 50 years since the release of the first Bond film Dr No and we've been doing our utmost to celebrate the landmark birthday of everyone's favourite heart-breaking, cocktail-slurping, gadget-wielding spy. The exact anniversary was commemorated with a Global James Bond Day, while the new Bond film SkyFall is also set for release, alongside Adele hitting the charts with a belter of an official song and a retro-themed Bond game about to drop. With the aforementioned Daniel Craig trunks selling for £44,450 at auction it's fair to say we're all going gaga for clipped accents, saucy innuendo and Martinis - shaken, not stirred, of course.

Spy Games
Although Bond will always be best-known for his films - Christmas just isn't Christmas without a dinner-jacketed Sean Connery sidling up to some honey and whispering 'No, I'm just looking' - the sharp-suited spy has also cut a dash with gamers in recent years.

Bond has more than 20 games to his name and the latest calls on some of the franchise's most memorable moments to deliver a neat shot of nostalgia. 007 Legends is a first-person shooter which offers a rollercoaster ride of the past 50 years, celebrating the antics of Sean Connery, Roger Moore and Daniel Craig while recalling some of our best-loved movie scenes.

You may well remember some of Bond's fashion fails along the way too: Moore sporting robes straight out of Lawrence of Arabia's wardrobe in The Spy Who Loved Me or Connery rocking that classic wetsuit-with-a-plastic-seagull-on-your-head look in Goldfinger.

But this works both ways, and memories of watching Bond movies on TV at Christmas may also remind you of your own sartorial faux pas - tie dye T-shirts sported around the time Licence To Kill was released, anyone?

Anyway, once you've learned to shut out such memories you can sit back and enjoy the ride, as you fire up your PlayStation or Xbox and direct the Daniel Craig-voiced Bond through missions inspired by Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Die Another Day, Licence To Kill and Goldfinger.

007 Legends is released on October 19, but it isn't the first Bond game to go retro. In 2005, From Russia With Love told the story of the 1963 film, with Sean Connery lending his Scottish burr as we got to grips with jet packs and Aston Martins in the depths of Cold War-era Russia.

It's not all about the past though. Other successful Bond games have been based upon contemporary films, with GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 having a seismic impact on the gaming world and pretty much setting the agenda for future first-person shooters after its 1997 release. It was named number 55 in a list of the most important Nintendo games ever by the Official Nintendo magazine and created countless 'Bond widows' as men old enough to know better disappeared into their own personal MI6 offices to do their bit in the fight against evil.

Even though the main point of 007 Legends is celebrating the franchise's past, a level dedicated to SkyFall will also become available for download after the film's release on October 26.

Best Bond
Whether you prefer your dose of 007 via your DVD player or games console you're likely to have a favourite Bond, whether it's Sean Connery strapped to a table with a laser working its way up his inside leg, Roger Moore casually driving his Lotus Esprit into the sea with such panache you'd imagine he did it every day, or Daniel Craig, well, looking like Daniel Craig.

The old 'Favourite Bond' question has long been a thorny issue, with Roger Moore's recent call that Connery was the best further fanning the flames. Tables in quiet pubs have been whipped into a frenzy of spilt peanuts and raised voices as we've diligently fought the corner of our number one man. Instead of basing your next argument on 'he just looks cool' or 'he has the best voice' give yourself the edge with some cold, hard statistics. 

Figures from showed the smooth and sophisticated Pierce Brosnan actually did away with more baddies than Sean Connery, with 76 and 51 kills respectively. Of course, many people may base their favourite Bond on the ladies he swooned and when it came to snogs, the suave and sophisticated Roger Moore is number one, kissing 20 women. Connery is again second with 17.

You may argue over whether Bond's finest moments came via video games or films, or that Ursula Andress was hotter than Daniel Craig when it came to majestically emerging from the tropical surf. However there's one thing we should all be agreed on when it comes to defining a good Bond - the delivery of the immortal line 'Bond. James Bond' and if you want to know which actor said it the most… you'll have to look online…

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