Brighten up your kitchen with a Bosch Vario fridge freezer

Pick a colour that freshens up your kitchen from the new Bosch Vario range…

01 Nov 2017

The Bosch fridge freezer Vario range allows you to add a personal touch of style to your kitchen – you can remove the boring monochrome from your interior design and add a splash of colour instead.

keep changing it up

Keep changing it up

Concerned you’ll get bored of your new fridge’s shade? Or that it won’t match a new theme when you redecorate? No need to worry, the doors are interchangeable – pick a new colour for your kitchen update.

Clip the old doors off and the new ones on – a clever combination of invisible hooks and magnets makes changing door fronts as easy as 1, 2, 3.

advanced cooling technology

Advanced cooling technology

The Bosch Series 4 Vario Style isn’t just a cool-looking customer, it’s also jammed full of Bosch’s VitaFresh technology to keep your food fresh and full of flavour.

The Bosch Series 4 fridge provides:

  • Perfect storage conditions for different food types – with a dry zone for meat and cheese storage and a moist area for fruit and veg
  • Automatic defrosting – saves you time, energy and storage space
  • Super quick cooling option for when you put in your weekly shop
  • Even temperature distribution maintained by the airflow system
  • Effortless loading and selecting of your food with retractable shelves

find your ideal colour

Find your ideal colour

There are nine colours in the range. Some of these colours were shown off at a special event to highlight the new range on 17th October.

L’atelier des Chefs joined Currys with journalists and influencers, wowing them with various canapés based on four of the colour schemes.


In the Plum fridge were ingredients for a chicory leaf salad, topped with a fig compote, blue cheese and pomegranate molasses.

While over by the Sunflower Yellow fridge the chefs cooked up baked polenta topped with grilled pineapple and whipped goats cheese.

lime green fridge

A spinach, basil, sage and walnut pesto on sourdough with avocado and roasted Brussel sprouts was assembled by the Lime Green fridge.

And finally, ingredients from the Cherry Red fridge were used to finish on a lovely strawberry, raspberry and white chocolate truffle desert with pink peppercorns.


According to research including Nautilus, colour is a staple feature of food - not only does it affect our attraction to it, but it actually influences our taste as well. By putting colour at the heart of the kitchen, Bosch have found a new way for you to experience food.


Bring your kitchen to life and get the Bosch Series 4 Vario Style KGN36IJ3AG 60/40 Fridge Freezer.


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