Britain's Favourite Breakfast

From the nation’s favourite breakfast beverages to eating on the go, the modern-day breakfast couldn’t be more varied. Find out what brekkie Britain wakes up to every morning.

19 Nov 2019

Breakfast is considered to be the most nutritionally important meal of the day; it gets you fuelled up for the morning and helps you power through until lunch. But the traditional role of breakfast has changed over the years – people are no longer eating soggy cereal at home, with more and more people choosing to eat breakfast on-the-go. We asked the people of the nation how they take the first meal of the day to discover the Great British Breakfast Habits.

Brekkie money 

It’s starting to look like breakfast is migrating away from the kitchen table at home to a lap on the train (7%), a work desk (7%) and even on a park bench (3%) – providing the British weather permits it. People are spending more and more money on buying breakfast for convenience, which isn’t a shock considering the number of food chains popping up on every street corner. But this habit can end up being quite pricey, with 1 in 10 people forking out between £11-£20 on breakfast a week. That’s around £572 a year!

With 5% of Brits saying that a lack of money is a contributing factor as to why they don’t eat breakfast, it’s obvious eating at home is the financially beneficial option. A lack of time in the morning is nothing new and can mean breakfast is the first thing to be sacrificed, however, it may be best to take a page out of Belfast’s breakfast book; 24% of them are savvy savers and timekeepers by making brekkie at home and devouring it at work. It seems investing in the best toaster for a slice or two in the morning (with your preferred toppings, of course) can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Breakfast in a cup

With breakfast in one hand, there tends to be some sort of beverage in the other. The stereotype of Brits loving a cup of tea is founded on facts, with the English Breakfast Tea (34%) coming first among favourite breakfast drinks, and a third saying they love a cuppa in the morning. Coffee came in third on the nation’s favourite beverage list; a classic latte (16%) to be specific. Glasgow (68%) has the most coffee lovers behind Edinburgh (71%), so it’s no surprise that they – and residents from Newcastle – spend the most money on coffee.

With more information about nutrition readily available these days, a large portion of the population is opting for a vitamin-packed glass of juice in the morning. Orange juice (28%) is the second most popular drink overall, outranking the latte. In fact, 23% of men prefer juice over coffee with their morning breakfast. The people of Bristol are going to need the best juicers as they too prefer a juiced fruit in some form, with 38% people choosing a juice over a hot cup of joe.

Make way for ‘Brinner’ and ‘Brunch’

Humans are notorious creatures of habit and for 32% of Brits, breakfast is so cemented into their daily routine they would never miss it. But sometimes the last thing some people want when they first peel their eyes open is food, with 1 in 5 people rarely wanting breakfast so early in the morning. Could this have been the catalyst for the mighty popular ‘brunch’? These days, breakfast and lunch are being joined together and enjoyed at a more reasonable hour of around 11:30ish. Although, some are taking this one step further, throwing caution to the wind and enjoying breakfast for dinner. Even though 9% of the nation deemed ‘brinner’ to be a silly idea, the love and enjoyment of breakfast isn’t lost, merely moved to later in the day.

How this data was collected

This survey was conducted with a sample size of 2003 people across the UK with Censuswide.

­­It turns out, Brits still love breakfast – however, eating out and on the go can be a pricey habit to fall into. Save your precious pennies and start your day at home using the best blender for a pulp-free smoothie or a top-rated toaster for a perfectly golden crumpet. With the right appliances, you will fall in love with breakfast at home all over again.


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