Can smart thermostats save money? How to reduce your energy use with Nest

Tired of big heating bills? Find out how you can keep them down with a Nest Learning Thermostat…

28 Jan 2018

Can smart thermostats save money

Stats from the Energy Savings Trust tell us that heating our homes account for 55% of our annual energy bills

And with Blighty having more rain and cloud than it does sunny days, it’s no great surprise we keep reaching for the thermostat.

So, fitting one that helps you use less energy and save on bills – like the Nest Learning Thermostat – is a no-brainer.

And Nest boasts some pretty impressive numbers claiming that UK customers have saved between 8.4% and 16.5% on their heating bills while using its smart device.


Want to know more? Here’s how Nest can help you save…

You can wave bye-bye to fiddly thermostats and heating that’s been left on all day with the Nest Learning Thermostat.

It does the job of a thermostat and programmer all in one using your home Wi-Fi and a smartphone app to talk to your boiler.

Nest body

This clever system learns your routine and your heating preferences – all you have to do is turn the thermostat up or down whenever you feel hot or cold.  By the end of the first week it’ll have created an automatic programme and begun to adjust the heating to suit your daily life.

And it never stops learning. As your heating needs change so does the Nest.

Don’t know if you’re coming or going? Don’t worry, Nest will. Thanks to its connection with your smartphone it knows when you’ve left home and sets itself an Eco Temperature to help save energy – and your precious pennies.


It also:

  • Remembers any manual changes you make to its automatic program – like turning the heating down as the evenings start to get warmer
  • Not sure what the most energy-efficient temperature is? Well, Nest will display a leaf icon to let you know –the more you see the leaf, the more you’ll save – turning your thermostat down just 1°C can make all the difference

Nest Learning Thermostat

  • Changing routine and heading to dinner after work? Then switch off your heating from your phone
  • Want to keep an eye on how much heating you’re using? Check the past 10 days of activity in your Energy History summary – this will help you build better habits and save more
  • Sends you a monthly Home Report so you can see how your energy use compares month to month


How Nest calculates energy savings

Nest gathers data from thermostats that have been up and running in homes across Europe since 2014 – find out how Nest calculates savings here


Ready to save energy the smart way? Check out the Nest Learning Thermostat

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