Capture everything in stunning quality with the Canon EOS RP

Get the highest quality images with this amazing full-frame camera from Canon.

01 Mar 2019

What is a full-frame sensor?

A full-frame sensor is bigger than the cropped-sensor found in most DSLRs. This lets in more light, which means it can maintain focus and find amazing details, even in low-light conditions. So you can shoot without the flash and still get crisp pictures full of colour.

Another plus is that a bigger sensor allows for more pixels while still keeping them relatively large. At lower ISO sensitivities, a cropped-sensor camera might be able to get the same amount of detail as a full-frame camera with the same megapixels, but as the ISO increases, you’ll notice a big difference in the clarity and sharpness.

Canon EOS RP taking a close-up of some flowers


Get amazing quality with every shot

The EOS R series body is a lightweight, practical, mirrorless camera capable of capturing more detail than ever before. The full-frame sensor is packed with 26.2 million pixels, so you get perfectly balanced photos full of rich, distinct details with stunning resolution.

It’s also got the unique power of Dual Pixel CMOS AF, which focuses individual pixels to deliver superior sharpness across the whole image. Alongside the comfortable EOS style grip is a high resolution, vari-angle touchscreen so you can easily keep an eye on what’s going on in the viewfinder.


Shoot anytime of the day or night thanks to impressive ISO

Alongside that it’s got a maximum ISO of 40,000, so you get reduced image noise for the cleanest possible image, even when you want to zoom in on the smallest details or if the light drops. The EOS RP makes it easy to change ISO quickly using the lens control ring, or you can customise the dials on the body to suit your needs. No matter how quickly the conditions change, boosting the sensor performance comes second nature.


Rapid image processing with DIGIC 8

The latest imaging engine from Canon, the DIGIC 8, can process files faster than ever before, to bring you those top-quality images in the blink of an eye. With this power, you get the incredible qualities of Digital Lighting Optimiser (DLO) on the camera, rather than having to process the image on a computer later.

DLO can correct the loss of resolution and image aberrations (blurriness), so you get a more natural looking picture faithful to what you would see with the naked eye. Images are then saved with the best quality but in manageable file sizes, giving you a bit more flexibility over your shoots.


Shake-free, stable video shoots

Filming videos without a tripod can be tricky, and could result in shaky, difficult to follow films. With Dual Sensing IS, an advanced 5-axis stabilisation system ‘sees’ the camera and lens working together as a whole, in real-time, to produce the most consistent and stable footage. So those spontaneous moments can be captured in the spur of the moment with professional standards, unless you’re going for the ‘Blair Witch Project’ effect of course.


No need to swap lenses with the EOS R Adapter

Upgrading your camera can be a daunting prospect when you’ve carefully pored over your collection of lenses to build exactly what you need.  There can be a small fortune invested in your kit, and the thought of having to switch to a whole new range of lenses isn’t appealing.

With the EOS R mount adapter, you can continue to use your EF and EF-S lenses, letting you explore the different possibilities that this full-frame camera has to offer without a load of costly accessories to add to your basket.

Canon EOS RP lens adapter

With all these amazing features packed into one bit of tech, it’s the perfect upgrade for prestigious photographers, voracious vloggers and aspiring amateurs alike.

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