Cast content from your tablet to TV with the Chromecast dongle

Plug Google Chromecast into your TV, connect to Wi-Fi and throw content from your tablet or smartphone...

19 Aug 2013

We all watch TV shows on our tablets these days, but sometimes the tiny screen and limited sound can get annoying.

Enter Google Chromecast, a TV dongle which connects to your home Wi-Fi to show what's on your tablet on your TV.


Google Chromecast

(Credit: AP)

Chromecast is a small, thumb-size device which plugs into your HDTV's USB socket. Once you've plugged in and connected to your Wi-Fi network you can use your smartphone or tablet to cast online videos to your TV.

All you have to do is choose a video and press the 'cast' button on your mobile device - easy peasy.  

Use your iPad, Android tablet or Windows Phone to browse for what to watch, control playback and tweak volume.

Use it to enjoy movies, TV shows and clips from services like Netflix, YouTube and Google Play.

The launch of Chromecast comes as tablets and smartphones play a bigger role in how we relax in our living rooms.

Last month, Ofcom declared our living rooms had been transformed into digital media hubs, with families gathering to watch programmes on the main set while tapping away on tablets and smartphones. It found 91% of us tune into the main TV in the living room at least once a week, compared to 88% in 2002. And with Chromecast we now have even more viewing options to peruse via the living room TV.

Family Watching TV

Around half of us (53%) are using our smartphones and tablets to 'media multi-task' while watching TV every week. This was divided into media meshing - doing something else related to what you're watching on TV - and media stacking, doing something unrelated to what you're watching on TV.

For instance, when it comes to media stacking, around one in three people surf the web while watching TV, and 16% engage in a bit of retail therapy.

Interesting, but what's all this got to do with Chromecast?

Well, what makes Chromecast really cool is the fact you can stream content from your mobile device while still using it for other things.

Woman Using Tablet

Mark Hosgood, Category Manager at Currys Retail, said: "Chromecast looks to be a simple inexpensive method of consuming content from a number of streaming services. However, what makes Chromecast really unique is the ability to stream an app or Chrome browser tab from your laptop or tablet to a TV whilst still being able to use the device."

In short, it's the perfect addition to the digital hub our modern living rooms have become.

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