CES 2014: Access work laptop from beach with Samsung's new 12inch multitasking tablet

Use four apps simultaneously and control your work laptop from the sofa with new Samsung tablet unveiled at CES 2014 that blends work and play

07 Jan 2014

Bring your work home at night but tired of swapping from one window to the other on your laptop? Sometimes find you need to access something on your work PC when you're by the pool on a foreign holiday?

Then Samsung has just launched the tablet for you.

Samsung launched two new oversized tablets at the CES tech show in Las Vegas that are designed to be as useful for work as they are for play. The Galaxy Note PRO and Galaxy Tab PRO.

Galaxy Tab Pro In Hand

As well as sporting a larger screen the tablet can be used to remotely control another PC, whether in the office in town or a totally different country.

Existing full-size tablets such as Apple's iPad are around 9.7 inches, but the Galaxy Note PRO and Tab PRO introduce a 12.2-inch screen.

But what's so great about having a bigger display?

Bigger screen 'great for multitasking between work and play'

Andy Griffiths, President of Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, said: "The screen size is about matching the way people live their lives.

"We see a real mixture in terms of how people are managing their time between work and play - driven by a lot of people taking their work home with them."

Indeed. More of us are taking our work home these days, but while we have our tablet or laptop on our knee we're not working all the time - despite what we tell the other half.

Galaxy Note Pro With S Pen

So a device which helps us switch from work to, say, watching TV or checking Facebook and allows us to view all the windows at the same time would be pretty handy.

Now with Samsung's new tablets we have just that.

Have four windows open and in use at once

Samsung Note Pro Multi View

The Multi View function on the new Magazine user interface means the larger screen can be used to show four different applications at once so you can do some shopping or check the news headlines while also watching a show and working on a work document.

Andy Griffiths said: "One of the things I like about the 12.2 is the quad screen where you can bring up all kinds of different apps at the same time - the feature describes this multitasking, multifunction, dual-usage future."

Control your PC in Korea with your tablet in Vegas

Other cool features include the ability to remotely control your PC or laptop from the tablet. In a press demonstration at CES, a Samsung exec used the tablet to control her laptop in Korea from the tablet in Las Vegas.

Samsung said: "Users can easily access and control their home or office PC directly through their Galaxy NotePRO or TabPRO with Remote PC in order to seamlessly edit and save files remotely. The Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO also come pre-loaded with Cisco WebEx Meetings platform, the industry's leading web conferencing solution that provides users with an easy way to meet with anyone, anywhere."

Bash out your notes from the sofa with S Pen

The tablets also include the digital S Pen so you can bash out a few notes for tomorrow's meeting live from the sofa - also using the pen to switch between app windows when your using the multi-view feature.

James White, Samsung Mobile UK, added: "the tablet blends the consumer with the professional to give you the best of both worlds."

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