CES 2015: The best wearable tech - super-smart watches and fitness gadgets

Smartwatches that look like normal watches, fitness trackers that also tell the time, and headphones that tell you how to improve your workout impressed at the Las Vegas tech show.

09 Jan 2015

Stay organised, keep fit, find your motivation and impress friends with the next generation of wearable tech unveiled at CES 2015.

Smartwatches that look like normal watches, fitness trackers that also tell the time, and headphones that tell you how to improve your workout impressed at the Las Vegas tech show.

Here's our round-up of the wearables that will make life easier in 2015.


Bragi Dish smart headphones

In a nutshell: wireless earphones that boast their own self-contained music player. They also provide audio feedback on your run, as well as counting your steps and taking your heart rate

Bragi _Dash _In Use _01

(Credit: Bragi)

Tired of lugging your smartphone or iPod around on your morning run? Bragi may have the answer with its Dish smart headphones.

Load them up with music and listen without the need for another device thanks to a built-in MP3 player and internal storage for tunes.

Of course, it can play music from your smartphone over Bluetooth if you prefer. Tap the ear bud and music starts playing, tap twice to switch songs.

They're wireless and sit snugly inside your ears. And sensors track how much distance you've covered and in what time - while also providing audio feedback on your performance and pace.


Smart cycling shorts

In a nutshell: cycling shorts fitted with discreet sensors to track your speed and heart rate - they'll be used at this year's Tour de France

Cityzen Cycling Shorts

The London Olympics and last year's Tour de France have inspired a new generation of weekend cyclists.

And now you can track your performance on the road without wearing a separate device. These cycling shorts from Cityzen Sciences have sensors discreetly weaved into the fabric.

They track the speed you're cycling, your heart rate and whether you're climbing uphill. They also measure how long you've been off your bike when taking a break.

And when you're done training you can sling them in the washing machine.

They're set to be used at this year's Tour de France and have been handed a CES Innovations award.


Misfit Swarovski Shine

In a nutshell: Bling, self-charging health tech for the style-savvy. Track your steps, calories and sleep with this activity tracker decorated with a large Swarovski crystal 

Swarovski Shine Bracelet

Who says wearables can't do high fashion? Misfit is already known for creating cool, minimalist wearable activity trackers, and now it caters to the fashionistas with a model designed alongside jewellery house Swarovski.

The Misfit Swarovski Shine is a Misfit Shine activity tracker adorned with a violet-hued Swarovski crystal. But it goes beyond bling - the tracker uses solar power to charge, replacing batteries with the sun.

Monitor how many steps you take during the day, the calories you consume and how well you sleep. Then use the corresponding smartphone app to see how it changes over time.

Stuff magazine named it one of its CES 2015 Wearable Tech Award Winners.


Garmin Vivoactive

In a nutshell: A smartwatch for runners, combining step and calorie counting for everyday life with GPS tracking for running as well as emails, texts and social media updates

Garmin Vivoactive

(Credit: Garmin) 

A fitness tracker helps you monitor your daily activity and diet. A sports watch has training programmes and GPS for serious running. A smartwatch delivers your smartphone updates to your wrist.

With the Vivoactive Garmin has ambitiously combined all 3. It can track your running, cycling and swimming when working out.

During a normal day see how many steps you take and how many calories you consume.

And you can stay plugged into your world with text messages, social media updates and missed calls displaying on the watch's screen.

The watch wirelessly syncs with your smartphone so you can make sense of the data on the Garmin app. And when you've been sat for too long it'll buzz to remind you to exercise.

It was another device to be awarded by Stuff.

Withings Activite Pop 

In a nutshell: Tell the time, monitor your activity and sleep and look cool with this smartwatch/fitness tracker that looks like a traditional round-faced watch

Withings Pop

At first glance the Activite Pop appears to be a stylish, traditional watch - but as well as telling the time you can track steps, count calories and set daily targets.

What's more it runs on a traditional watch battery - so there's no more charging to worry about. Its chic, minimalist design gives no indication of the tech that lies inside it, and will look fashion-forward whether you're dressing for work, the weekend or a night out. 

Make sense of the data it captures using the Withings Health Mate App. Withings also makes sleep tracking devices, smart scales and heart rate monitors - the data from each of these can be combined and viewed together with the Health Mate app for a more complete picture of your health.


Sony Smart B Trainer

In a nutshell: Your own personal trainer. Headphones play music, direct your route and tell you when to slow down or speed up based on your heart rate

Sony B Trainer

Struggle for motivation when you're out running on a winter morning? Sony has come up with a product that could be the difference between you quitting and carrying on.

The Smart B Trainer is your go-to running companion. It's a set of headphones that plays music, relays motivational messages, advising you on your running speed and can tell you which turn to take next, thanks to built-in GPS technology. 

It'll also select music to help you speed up or slow down.

The product is still a prototype, so watch this space.

Stuff magazine named the Sony B Smart Trainer one of its CES 2015 Wearable Tech Award Winners.

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