CES 2014: Samsung shows off TV with bendy screen and 105-inch curved set

Bendy screened prototype TVs & massive curved UHD sets revealed at the CES 2014 Samsung press conference...

07 Jan 2014

We've heard a lot about TVs that curve - now Samsung has revealed one that bends.

That's right, bends.

The ultra HD prototype TV curves at the push of a button on your remote to suit wherever you're sitting.

It was unveiled alongside Samsung's mammoth 105-inch ultra HD (UHD) curved screen TV, which the firm says ensures everyone who is watching the display has "the best seat in the house".

CES Press Day Samsung Michael Bay

The TVs were among four UHD sets revealed by the firm, and watching the 85-inch bendy prototype curve up on the stage was kind of freaky but totally cool. It did so using a mechanical system pushing out from the edges of the screen.

But the 105-inch set will be heading to the living rooms of the rich and famous.

As well as being a mammoth 105 inches, it also boasts a 21:9 aspect ratio - LG showcased a similar vision in its press conference earlier on Monday.

CES 2014 Press Dayt Samsung 105inch TV

Introducing the television, Joe Stinziano, senior sales vice president for Samsung's consumer electronics division, said: "At 105 inches this is the world's largest UHD TV. It features the most advanced technology and design, a massive movie theatre screen, of course UHD and a curve for a truly cinematic experience.

"This represents our unremitting efforts to reshape TV, driven by our consumer's passion for entertainment. The curved shaped improves the already amazing Samsung UHD viewing experience, the wider field of view and panoramic effect draws viewers in, the TV seems even bigger than it is."

Another UHD range announced by Samsung was the U9000, which has already been named a CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honoree.

Available in 65 and 55-inch screen sizes, this is curved UHD for the living room. And those worrying about a lack of native 4K content for these TVs can look to another Samsung CES 2014 announcement for some respite.

The firm revealed plans to offer a UHD video pack so people can enjoy films in true 4K resolution, as well as a streaming service involving parters such as Netflix.

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