Christmas gifts under £100 - for girls

18 Nov 2010

Ok gents, regardless of what she says, don't make the same mistake you always do and believe her. She does want you to get her something big (with a card please) and you better think about it carefully.

If she gets another impulse-bought DVD box series of your favourite show or a perfume that's more suited to her nan… there will be problems.

But please don't panic. We've selected five great gift ideas to inspire you and make sure you don't get another black mark in the mental gifts record. And to make doubly sure, we've selected all of these gift ideas at under £100 so that you can take her out for some mulled wine and ice-skating as well.

Mini Cupcake Maker
If she loves to bake (and ONLY if she loves to bake - you don't want to endure the wrath of the 21st century women by sending her to the kitchen if she doesn't want to be there!), she'll love this cute pink mini cupcake maker. She'll be able to whip up some delicious cupcakes in ten minutes, ready to take to work for pink tea Fridays. This one is also a great gift idea for kids who love to bake as it's very safe and easy to use. At only £19.99, you can include a Nigella cookbook and a heart-shaped box of freshly baked festive biscuits from the local bakery - nothing says I love you like home-baked chocolate goodness!

Dolce Gusto Coffee Maker
If she's a nightmare in the mornings, perhaps she'll enjoy a rich shot of java from the brilliant Dolce Gusto coffee machine by Nescafe. You can include an I-O-U voucher for ten cups of coffee made by you for her to redeem whenever she likes and be a true gent! With easy and delicious Nescafe pods that come in 18 variations from mocha to latte and everything in between, it's a win-win for you as you'll be able to produce a stunning hot bevy for the lady with just the touch of a button, without even putting down your marmite on toast!

Libre eBook Reader Pro
She loves to read in front of the telly but still doesn't let you man the remote. She calls it multi-tasking. Well, with the Libre eBook Reader Pro, she'll be able to listen to the built-in MP3 player and read at the same time, leaving the sacred remote to its rightful owner - you. You'll also get points for getting her a gorgeous new toy that everybody wants and be able to top it up with her favourite books and albums for birthdays to come!

JVC HD Pocket Camcorder - the pink one!
Just like the eBook Reader, this HD pocket camcorder by JVC will keep her occupied on holiday, leaving you free to climb that palm tree or watch the footy without judgement! A pocket camcorder is also one of those gifts that you might not necessarily think to buy yourself but becomes a new best friend when one is given to you, so reference her beloved niece/upcoming hen party /holiday in the card so she gets excited about all the films she can create. And don't forget a few accessories like cute bag and TV cable so she can hook it straight up to the telly to watch her vids.

X Factor Lucky Voice party box
There's nothing better for a girl than a new guilty pleasure. We only recommend that you take the opportunity to organise a boy's night out or go visit your mum when she has the girls over to play this thing. Her very own personal X Factor karaoke machine! The cat will hide and it will not transform her into Cheryl Cole but she will definitely have fun and that is the most important thing.

So there you have it. Hopefully we've inspired you and eased the stress of finding the perfect gift AGAIN. We wish you a harmonious Christmas and a clean-slate New Year!

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