Christmas With The Coopers – What’s on their Christmas lists?

Christmas with the Coopers is our official Christmas movie. Watch the trailer and discover the characters here...

20 Nov 2015

Christmas With The Coopers – What’s on their Christmas lists?

The Coopers just want one perfect Christmas but, with four generations of the family gathering together under the same roof, this might be something of a tall order. Whatever happens, this will be a celebration to remember – after all, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a few disasters along the way…

Christmas With The Coopers is our official Christmas movie this year, and we’ve teamed up with the people behind it to bring you some Christmas cheer. 

What’s on the Cooper’s Christmas list?


Charlotte has a dream – one perfect Christmas for the whole family. Surely that’s not too much to ask? Sam wants to help Charlotte achieve her dream, but he’s realistic enough to anticipate the journey to Christmas cheer won’t be easy…

What should be top of their Christmas list?
An American style fridge freezer will let them cater to all four generations of Coopers at once, plus there’s ice on hand for drinks and cocktails.


Things aren’t looking great for Eleanor. Out of work, jilted by her fiancé and dreading those awkward personal family questions, Eleanor hides at the airport for as long as she can. And then she meets Joe – a snowed-in soldier who can’t get home to visit his family before he ships out. Could he be the best Christmas package she’s ever received?

What should be top of their Christmas list?
Eleanor’s a writer, so Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is ideal for letting her get her ideas out wherever she is – even when she’s hanging around in airports hoping to meet Mr Right…


Desperately trying to cope with his three “enthusiastic” children, Madison, Bo and Charlie, single father Hank isn’t finding it easy – and ex-wife Angie isn’t helping…

What should be top of their Christmas list?
Hank might want to think about getting Madison a pair of noise cancelling headphones – that might put an end to her repeating any inappropriate phrases she overhears…


Letting sibling rivalry get to her, Charlotte’s sister Emma indulges in a little crime spree at the local mall. Her antics attract the attention of Officer Williams who is more than happy to rehabilitate her, if he can get over his Christmas angst…

What should be top of their Christmas list?

Maybe Emma should work off some of that stress by hitting the gym with a Fitbit, or invite Officer Williams over for a bit of two player PS4


Charlotte and Emma’s father, Bucky, isn’t really entering into the Christmas spirit this year and has brought along waitress Ruby from the local diner for support.

What should be top of their Christmas list?
Bucky’s really dreading Christmas dinner – he hates Charlotte’s cooking! Maybe he and Ruby could escape the place if he only learned to cook with a Bosch oven with 3D hot air…


Cheerful Aunt Fishy manages to put a smile on everyone’s face – despite her fading memory
Rags, the family member who barks, hasn’t missed a Christmas celebration yet and is wagging his tail in anticipation of this year’s party.

What should be top of their Christmas list?
Fishy’s memory might not be all it was, but this camera and all her family selfies will help her remember things more clearly. Maybe Rags can bark along with his opinion...

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