Close up with Huawei P40’s stunning cameras

The low light is a serious highlight…

07 Apr 2020

You don’t buy a Huawei P series without thinking about the brilliant pictures you’re going to get. From the P20 Pro onwards, Huawei have focused on giving us amazing phone cameras. And the P40s are no different. That’s why we’re looking at Huawei’s four new P40s - P40 Lite, P40 Lite 5G, P40 5G and P40 Pro 5G - to put you in the picture.


P40 cameras overview

With lenses manufactured by camera experts Leica, you can expect that P-series quality in spades. It doesn’t matter which P40 you go for – since they all come with an enviable line up of cameras.

If you’re looking for picture perfection, you’ll probably want to for the P40 Pro 5G. Its 50 MP Wide Angle main camera is something special. Other notables include a 40MP Cine Camera and a 3D Depth Sensing Camera. Expect a 5x Optical Zoom to get you closer to the action.

Lowlight specialists

The P40s also have the tech to make them great performers in low light. Their powerful processors reduce image noise. By letting in loads of light, you can say goodbye to graininess and really capture dazzling night-time shots. And although the P40s have a dedicated Night Mode, you’ll be amazed at the quality of pictures captured in low light just when snapping in auto. 

And as for Night Mode, the Huawei does something really clever. When some smartphones can’t handle the lack of light, they try and compensate just by brightening the picture. They also only dedicate the main camera to performing well in low light at the expense of the rest. Not with the P40s.

Whether you’re using its Telephoto or Ultrawide lenses, each one performs amazingly in lowlight. And that remains true even if you zoom in. So, you’ll get perfect pics on that night out.


Go with slow mo

Whether you’re capturing a goal at a football game or your pet cat leaping through the air kung fu style, slow motion is great fun for watching and sharing. And the P40s take it to the next level with its ability to record super slow mo in amazing detail.


Clever AI

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t give the AI a shout out. First, everything looks really natural. No overblown colours or pixilation. Its large sensors means a large depth of field. So you get crisp foregrounds and nicely blurred backgrounds. All your pictures look as good as Portrait Mode.

It also has a few tricks up its sleeve. For example, you can remove people from your photos with the tap of a button. Bye bye photo bombers!  

And if you’re taking a photo through glass, it can even remove reflective light so the glass disappears. That’s quite a party piece.


How good is P40 video?

The P40s have made incredible progress on video too. All models have support for 4K 60fps video recording. You can even shoot in 4K on its selfie cameras – so it’ll capture every detail.

Colouring in videos isn’t oversaturated, but if you want to add filters for social, you can do that. The reason for the natural-looking videos is probably the P40s huge sensor that lets a lot of light in. This is a real standout feature, since you’ll be able to shoot videos when you can hardly see yourself.

Another great thing about video is how quick the P40s are to focus. This is thanks to Huawei’s Octa Phase Detection autofocus. Plus, there’s impressive audio quality (especially AI noise reduction) and smooth handheld stabilisation. It’s a package that makes your home movies look ready for Hollywood!

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