Travel Guide: Columbia - Bioshock: Infinite

26 Mar 2013

An illustrated poster of Father Comstock from Bioshock: Infinite


A floating city that looks on above the Sodom.


Are you willing to admit your sins and seek a better path forward? Then Father Comstock welcomes you to Columbia, an Eden in the clouds. Ride the elevator into the sky, join us for a baptism, and proceed into the Glorious City.

False shepherds beware: we do not permit the herding of lambs astray. Our one leader, Prophet and Father Zachary Hale Comstock, has shaped the brave and noble Columbia.

As our invited guest, enjoy the company of our wonderful people and read all about our victory at Wounded Knee.

Once you’ve had the chance to take in our spectacular city suspended in the clouds, you won’t want to go back to the Sodom blow.


Things to see in Columbia

  • monument tower.jpg
  • bioshock infinite battleship bay.png
  • garden of new eden image.jpg
  • new eden.jpg

Monument Tower: Visible almost anywhere in the city, Monument Tower has been built by our Father, and it is said to be the place where his daughter Elizabeth is kept.

Battleship Bay: A stunning beachside location popular with Columbians, Battleship Bay has distractions for young and old.

Garden of New Eden: Located near the Welcome Centre where new inductees join our ranks, the garden is a place to pray.

New Eden Square: From the Square, you can get wonderful shots of Columbia. A statue of Father Comstock looks on proudly.




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