Say goodbye to blackspots with whole home Wi-Fi

We all have that one room in the house where you just can’t get a connection. Here’s how Whole Home Wi-Fi eliminates blackspots…

09 Jul 2020

Wi-Fi built for the modern family home

Whether you’re watching Netflix or playing PlayStation Plus in the attic; cooking with YouTube, or turning down the heating with Nest, the average family home is dependent on its Wi-Fi. 

But all of this additional pressure can cause frustrating problems. With phones, laptops, iPads and smart tech logging on simultaneously, your Wi-Fi can soon slow down

Wi-Fi blackspots also make it difficult to get online in rooms that are far away from the router, or those that are beset by thick walls. This can lead to serious frustrations. Sound familiar? You’re in luck…

Whole home Wi-Fi, from the likes of BT, Google, and TP-Link, makes sure you’ve got the best signal wherever you are in your home.


What is whole home Wi-Fi?

It’s a system that spreads the Wi-Fi signal right across your home to give you as strong a signal in the attic room as you have in your kitchen.


How does it work?

Rather than relying on one wireless router for the whole home, you instead have a number of ‘points’ or ‘discs’ (depending on which one you buy) that are placed around your home. Each point acts like a router, and seamlessly connects with others in the network to create what’s known as a ‘mesh’. 

What are the main benefits?

  • Strong wireless connection wherever you are in your home
  • You’re directed to the nearest ‘point’ for the fastest connection
  • Simple to set up and use even if you’re not tech-savvy
  • One Wi-Fi login right across your home


How easy is set up?

Incredibly easy. Your system will come with its own app to guide you step by step through the entire set up process, and complex information and techy specs are boiled down into easy-to-follow illustrations. You’ll be told where to place each ‘point’ or ‘disc’ to get the best possible performance.


How good is the signal?

The network follows you through the home and ensures you’re on the fastest signal for the room you’re currently in and the device you’re currently using.

It switches you from one point to another as you go from, say, the living area to the bedroom, and ensures you’re on the fastest Wi-Fi band.


What are my options?

Google, BT, Netgear, Linkskys and Tenda provide whole home Wi-Fi style products. So does home networking company TP-Link.

They work with all home broadband providers. Just because you use BT Broadband, it doesn’t mean you must go with BT. The others are equally compatible.


Google WiFi

‘It’s everything you love about Google, brought to home Wi-Fi,’ says the search giant. It promises to be simple ‘from set up to control’ and also offers ‘security that’s always a step ahead’.

It comes with 2 separate points to place around your home, and an app designed to run your home Wi-Fi network. And it doubles as a smart speaker too!

Get the Google Nest Wi-Fi Bundle


BT Whole Home WiFi

BT Whole Home was the first of this type of product to launch in the UK. It too offers simple connection and set up, and also comes with 3 discs. BT Whole Home WiFi

As many as 32 laptops, iPads, phones, speakers and smart home gadgets can be connected to each of the 3 discs.

Get BT Whole Home WiFi



TP-Link has been providing home networking solutions since the days of the Dotcom Bubble in the 90s.

TP Link Deco m5

The Deco M5 is its expert take on whole home Wi-Fi. It too is made up of 3 discs, and set up and control is done from the app – which comes with its own built-in antivirus software.

Get the TP-Link Deco M5 triple pack


Privacy and control

Yes. The systems give you greater control over your home Wi-Fi. You can, for example, block your children’s tablets or phones from accessing the internet between certain hours. With Google WiFi you can see which devices are connected at any one time, and view how much bandwidth they’re using.

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