Confused about fitness trackers? We’ll help you get it right

Is getting fit one of your New Year’s resolutions? We’ll help find the right fitness tracker to get you on track…

04 Jan 2019

There are loads of fitness trackers and smartwatches out there, each packed with all sorts of features. We’ve done the research for you to help you find which one will best suit your lifestyle.


For the sports lover… Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3

Monitor more than just your steps with the Fitbit Charge 3. Multi-sport tracking and an inbuilt heart rate monitor make this a great option for anyone from casual squash players to die-hard triathletes.

  • Track your performance across multiple activities including cycling, running, swimming and field sports
  • Tap the screen to access your activity records and personalised daily routines
  • Stay focused with cardio fitness targets
  • Continuously monitor your heart rate patterns to get a clear picture of your performance
  • Sync the Fitbit Charge 3 with your smartphone to receive text and call notifications while you train


For health-conscious fitness fans… Garmin Vivofit 4

Garmin Vivofit 4

With advanced sleep monitoring and health tracking features, the Vivofit 4 will help you mix your fitness goals into your work-life balance.

  • Track a range of activities, from swimming to cycling, and store the data for up to four weeks so you can challenge friends to beat your time
  • Use the Garmin Connect app to transfer all your stats to your smartphone, and even use it to find your phone if you misplace it
  • The Move IQ feature will detect if you’re walking, running, swimming or strength training and automatically start an activity timer
  • Customise it to match your taste – choose your favourite colour for the display and set reminders and timers so you’ll never miss a trick
  • 7-day battery life and swim-rated waterproofing means you can wear this fitness tracker 24/7

Get the Gamin Vivofit 4


For those who are always on the run… Goji Go HR

Goji Go HR

When you’re constantly on the go, it can be hard to make sure you get a good night’s sleep. The Goji Go HR activity tracker will monitor your health during the day and while you rest.

  • Enter your personal stats – like age, weight and stride length – for the most accurate fitness results
  • Monitor your sleep patterns, including periods of disturbed, deep and light sleep to help you improve your sleep quality
  • Track your heart rate as well as steps and calories burned to see how your fitness is improving
  • No need to stop to charge your tracker thanks to up to six days battery life


For those who want a stylish all-rounder… Samsung Galaxy Watch

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a powerful fitness tracker that looks like a simple, stylish wristwatch. It’ll let you keep on top of your fitness challenges and your life without looking out of place in the boardroom.

  • Receive smartphone notifications and read text messages and emails – great for multitaskers and those who never want to miss a call
  • Inbuilt GPS tracks your location and fitness
  • Personalise your watch with different watch faces and straps
  • Pay for your morning coffee with contactless payments and Samsung Pay
  • Control your lights, CCTV or other Samsung SmartThings devices from your watch

Check out the Samsung Galaxy Watch


For junior fitness fans… Garmin vivofit jr 2 Kid’s Activity Tracker

Garmin vivofit Jr 2 Captain America

Fitness trackers aren’t just for grownups. Even kids can get in on the action.

Whether your child is a budding sports star or you just want to encourage them to get serious about fitness this New Year, the Garmin vivofit jr 2 is a fun way for kids to track their daily activity.

  • Available in a huge range of designs – check out Captain America, Minnie Mouse and Princess
  • Fun challenges, such as the Toe-to-Toe step challenge, where they can compete against their friends or their own personal best
  • Set chore reminders and rewards for completing household tasks
  • Water resistant to five metres so they can keep it on while swimming
  • No charging necessary

The parental app allows you to track their daily activity and sleep. Why not set a step count challenge for the whole family and see who gets there first?


We’ll help you find the perfect fitness tracker

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