Cook to restaurant standard with the latest oven tech

You provide the creativity – let your oven be the sous chef. Take your cooking to the next level…

03 Sep 2018

If you want to be more adventurous in the kitchen and cook like the professionals, your oven can really make a difference to the results you achieve.

So, whether you’re rustling up a Sunday roast for the family or hosting a dinner party for friends, give your meals the wow factor with the help of the latest oven tech.


Rare, medium, well done… cook meat to perfection

When you’re cooking steaks and joints, it can be difficult to tell whether the meat is ready without cutting into it and losing some of the juices and moisture.

AEG oven

Cook to perfection with the AEG SenseCook electric oven. Its clever FoodSensor lets you control how you want your dish cooked – just ask for rare, medium or well done as you would in a restaurant. You won’t even have to open the door to check on the food while it’s cooking.

AEG Sensecook

With the AEG, you can prepare:

  • Succulent racks of lamb with crispy roasties
  • Tender fillets of salmon that melt in the mouth
  • Chocolate fondants with gloriously gooey centres for dessert (even the pros struggle to get this one right)

Get an AEG oven with SenseCook


Never guess the cooking time again

If you’re not sure how long to cook something for and at what temperature, do you usually just bung it in the oven and hope for the best? The days of worrying about burnt pizza crusts and undercooked chicken are over.

Bosch Autopilot

Ovens with pre-set automatic cooking functions, such as Bosch's AutoPilot 10, take care of all the settings for you. All you need to do is determine the dish’s weight. Simply pop it in the oven and choose the type of dish you want to cook from the 10 presets available.

AutoPilot automatically selects the cooking duration and temperature for you. It even switches the oven off when it’s finished. Whatever the dish, your food should come out perfect every time – it’s just down to you to provide the creative genius.


Say goodbye to burnt edges and raw middles

You know how it is. You’ve spent ages lovingly preparing a homemade lasagne to enjoy with your family, only for your oven to let you down. Burnt edges on one side, raw in the middle – sound familiar?

Hotpoint Multiflow

Hotpoint’s Multiflow heat technology will put an end to your misery. It delivers an even temperature throughout the whole oven, so your food is perfectly cooked from one side to the other.

All Hotpoint single ovens have Multiflow technology so you can be sure that joints of beef will be cooked all the way through without being dry on the outside, while sponge cakes will be light, fluffy and moist.

Get a Hotpoint oven with Multiflow tech


Spend less time scrubbing with a self-cleaning oven

Cleaning the oven by hand is not a job any of us looks forward to – especially after it’s been working overtime during a dinner party. If only it could clean itself…

By simply selecting the pyrolytic function on the oven it will heat to 480°c. This temperature turns any dirt inside the oven to ash, which you can just wipe away from the bottom of the appliance once the oven has cooled.

Bosch Ecoclean

No more chapped hands from scrubbing the inside of the oven thanks to Bosch’s EcoClean technology. They’ve created a coating that absorbs grease and grime so you’ll never have to clean an oven again.

Get a self-cleaning Bosch oven


Get cooking with the best in kitchen tech

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