Crave the best in picture quality? Introducing LG OLED TVs

With incredible picture quality and 4K HDR compatibility, isn’t it time you explored LG’s OLED TVs?

15 Mar 2017

Why choose an OLED TV?

Because they offer outstanding picture quality – deep, inky blacks and accurate colours, wide viewing angles and smooth motion. The prices of the TVs are falling, and they embrace the latest TV technologies like 4K and HDR.


Why go for LG OLED?

LG is the dominant name in OLED TV. It launched the first-ever OLED at CES 2013 and has continued to pioneer the technology ever since. We explain the technologies you can find across the range and profile LG OLED TVs the B6, C6 and E6.


Paint it black for incredible movies

Want the best experience when watching movies? A TV’s ability to create darker blacks is crucial. LED TVs can struggle with this because they use a backlight to create a picture. OLED TVs create their own light – there’s no backlight needed.LG OLED

This means these TVs can create deep, inky blacks emitting no light whatsoever – Batman, Star Wars and suchlike are reimagined on OLED. Things like bright stars against a night sky are pin sharp thanks to the TV’s ability to have absolute black and white pixels side by side.

LG have taglined the technology: ‘Perfect Black creates Perfect Colour’– and even Nasa approves of LG OLEDs for watching its Nasa TV channel, saying the deep blacks take ‘consumers much closer to the real experience of being in space’. High praise indeed. 

Colours look amazing too, true to life and plentiful with excellent colour accuracy.


Bigger picture thinner screen

Because they don’t need a backlight, LG OLED TVs can be much thinner. One of the TVs featured in this article, the E6, measures just 2.57mm – as thin as 4 stacked credit cards.


4K and HDR are part of the package

You don’t have to choose a 4K or an OLED TV. With LG you can have your cake and eat it.

OLED is a type of screen and 4K is a screen resolution. LG makes OLED with 4K resolution for unparalleled picture quality. 4K delivers 4 times as much detail as Full HD by increasing the number of pixels from 2 million to around 8 million. With LG OLED each of these 8 million pixels can be shut off to create perfect black. That’s serious contrast.LG OLED

You can enjoy the ever-growing range of 4K content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, BT Sport, Sky and Ultra HD Blu-ray.

HDR is the biggest TV trend of 2017 with the amount of HDR content on Netflix and suchlike on the rise. It dramatically improves contrast and colour accuracy, and you can enjoy 4K HDR content on LG OLED TVs with HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Because HDR is all about adding layers of detail between dark and bright colours, the infinite contrast of LG OLED is the perfect partner. 


Sports looks super smooth

When you’re watching fast-paced sports, you want a TV that can keep the action moving smoothly. LG OLED TVs use Perfect Clarity to keep on-screen action fluid and fast moving with fast refresh rates.


Which LG OLED is right for me? 

The most affordable OLED – LG B6

In a nutshell: The most affordable LG OLED TV with superb picture quality.LG OLED

This TV won excellent reviews for its lower price and superb picture quality. The original OLED TVs cost upwards of £6,000, the cost of the B6 is much lower than that. With a 55-inch screen, it’s packed with all of the above benefits of OLED technology – deep blacks, accurate colours, 4K and HDR.

One reviewer at CNET said the B6 delivered ‘the best picture quality of any TV’ and was as good as the more expensive TVs in the range. It sounds good too with Harman Kardon speakers built in.


Prefer a curved screen? Get the same picture quality as above with an elegant curved screen for immersive, cinematic viewing from the sofa.


The designer OLED – LG E6

In a nutshell: Incredible picture quality matched with incredible design.LG OLED55E6V Smart 3D 4k Ultra HD HDR 55" OLED TV

 The LG E6 is straight from the pages of a high-end lifestyle magazine and is the OLED of choice if you’re serious about interiors and enjoy the best of the best.

It boasts the same incredible picture quality of the B6, but with a seriously elegant design.

With its picture on glass design, it’s stunning. The screen is bonded to a piece of glass just 2.57mm thick. The edges of the glass are rounded, for added chicness. 

At the base of the TV is a high-end Harman Kardon soundbar so you have the audio to match the picture.


Explore the LG OLED range

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